HH Data Contributor: Megan Ruthven

Megan Ruthven is currently finishing her Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin this December. She currently holds a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from the same institute. She is currently a Graduate Research Assistant for Dr. Ahmed Tewfik, and is a Graduate Teaching Assistant for Digital Signal Processing Lab. She is applying for Data Scientist positions at health and fitness companies to work for after she graduates.

In the past few weeks, she’s used the scraped data from Hackathon Hackers — as well as its public subgroups — to run analyses on hackers’ activity over time. As of right now, she has written three Medium articles on her findings — the first, a general analysis of the main group; another about gender representation within all of the groups; and a recent one ranking the most active members.

We appreciate all that you’ve done to help us better understand our community, Megan!

If you are interested in her analysis, you can find all of the code that she’s written on Hackathon Hackers’ GitHub repository.

You can also follow her on twitter, or star her on GitHub.

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