HUI Weekly Roundup #174: React-SketchApp Design System, Best practices for buttons design, Build an audience when you don’t have yet

Curated on Thursday May 04, 2017 by Sagi Shrieber and David Tintner

Hey Hackers,

This week Sagi published a new article on Medium called
“How to start building an audience when you don’t have any audience yet” and it’s a super thorough piece with theory and practical action items. If you’ve ever wanted to start writing as a creative professional — you’d really want to read this. If you liked it, don’t forget to hit ❤️

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Links coming at you in 3,2,1…

Product Design


Online Master’s in Information Design and Strategy — a part-time program at Northwestern University
#EDUCATION #LEADERSHIP by Northwestern University

Thoughts about robots and UX
#BOTS by Yishay Cohen — Uxpedition

Confetti Sketch Plugin — create the confetti bg trend with your own icons

InVision picks up TrackDuck to better integrate with Atlassian products
#INVISION by InVision

Finding the energy to work on your side hustle
#SIDE_PROJECTS by Startup Grind

User research when you can’t talk to your users
#UX_RESEARCH by A List Apart

Awesome tool keeps all your assets in the same place and the entire team updated — Use code: PS50-E91-A968 for $50 off

Interface Lovers — Interviews with top notch designers
#INTERVIEWS by Interface Lovers

Product Illustration for people who don’t know anything about product illustration

Best practices for buttons design
#BUTTONS by Luca Longo

Iconinator — Sketch plugin to create iOS app icons
#SKETCH by Tsaraboulidis Agisilaos

Launchpad for Sketch: Publish websites directly from Sketch, no coding needed
#SKETCH by Anima App

Sketching a Design System with React-SketchApp
#SKETCH-REACT by Eder Rengifo

Runkeeper: A usability case study

Front End Development


CSS custom properties and theming
#CSS by Chris Coyier

My favorite free resources for learning JavaScript
#JAVASCRIPT by Hackernoon

The ultimate SASS function for fluid typography on your website

An algorithm written entirely in JS, that recognises the font of any text in an image



How to start building an audience when you don’t have any audience yet
#AUDIENCE by Sagi Shrieber

This is how Google will collapse
#GOOGLE by Daniel Colin James

The Uncategorizables


Box Breathing (the Navy SEAL breathing technique)

#hackinGIF of the week

Created by Noam Liss

In Case You Missed It

From our Side Projects group

Put up some free design resource in my last Dribbble post.
Feel free to use for yourself guys
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