Blockchain Games Are Bringing New Virtual Experiences to Gamers Worldwide

Halo Platform
Jul 10, 2018 · 3 min read
Draggin’ Dragons — Coming Soon!

Every so often, something comes along that completely changes the way we engage with technology. Smartphones changed the way we communicate, and wearable technologies are making us healthier and more informed every day. Innovations like this, however, often come from the top-down. This means that corporations control the new invention as a protected piece of intellectual property, and taking most of the benefits for themselves.

Blockchain technology is changing all that. Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin the mother (or father) of blockchain tech, released his (or her) innovation onto the world as an open source program. This means that the first generation of blockchain technology was available to the public, not kept as a corporate secret. True to Nakamoto’s intention, talented individuals are leveraging this new technology into more and more great digital products. This includes exciting new video games that include more in-game experiences than ever before.

Halo Platform can’t possibly be more excited about this evolution in online gaming. Halo Platform recently launched its own game project — Block & Chain Studios — entirely devoted to blockchain gaming. Soon, everyone in the Halo Platform community will be able to experience the cool new virtual experiences made possible through the development of blockchain technology.

Video Games on the Blockchain

Although blockchain technology was introduced through cryptocurrency, it’s applications now go far beyond financial technologies. Now, the blockchain is being used to develop applications in almost every field, including gaming. Blockchain gaming is a fun and creative new way to leverage blockchain technology in our everyday lives. Block & Chain studios is working to create the next generation of online games by using blockchain applications to build exciting new gaming experiences.

Smart contracts can be designed to apply to just about any peer-to-peer transaction, including online gaming. So, gamers can use blockchain transactions to reward in-game accomplishments, or they can store and manage gaming data, like characters and win-loss records. This application of blockchain technology in gaming appears to be limitless, and Halo Platform is excited to be leveraging this powerful new innovation into awesome new gaming experiences.

Blockchain Proves Superior to Traditional Online Gaming

Game developers are designing new methods to run online games securely, privately, and efficiently using blockchain technology. Already, programmers have figured out how to allow players to form teams in new and existing MMORPGs as well as record each guild’s accomplishments securely and permanently. Gamers can also use blockchain transactions to exchange in-game resources or share rewards, like tokens or in-game currency.

Halo Platform believes that blockchain technology can be built into gaming in limitless ways. Smart contracts offer almost infinite freedom to create new gaming applications based on the blockchain, and Block & Chain Game Studio is developing creative and interesting new applications every day. If you’re interested in the next generation of online gaming, join the Halo Platform community.

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