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Hamoye Internships since their inception are fueled towards a mission: To help prepare young professionals and college students for their chosen careers and the future of work. We offer world-class, specially designed, internship-style learning programs, that will help you acquire real-world work experience.

Our internship programs simulate the real work environment while cutting out all of the unnecessary distractions that come with traditional internships. Not only do we have the capacity to provide everyone with an opportunity to acquire job-ready expertise, we have the special sauce to ensure you get the best out of the experience. Also, you will work alone and with peers, in a fast-paced, competitive environment, to keep you motivated throughout your chosen program.

Our internships are offered year-round and involve:

(i) Specially designed short courses with real-world projects to introduce you to the tools you need to stand out.

(ii) Exposure to industry experts via webinars.

(iii) Career coaching.

(iv) Capstone project with peers: Interns will be at liberty to choose at least one project from the plethora of projects listed here.

We hereby announce the Call for application to the Hamoye Internships.

Internships Structure

Hamoye Internships are structured into three tiers as follows:

  • Analyst Internship (Beginners tier): Economy-based skills such as computational thinking, spreadsheet analytics, basic programming, and visualization skills will all be explored in the Beginners tier.
  • Hamoye Data Science Internship (Intermediate tier): This is a further step from the beginners’ level. After mastering the basic visualization and analytical skills, individuals who wish to start a career or advance their skills for rapid career development in Machine Learning and data science are fit for this tier.
  • Hamoye Career Incubator Program: ML Fullstack Program (Advanced tier): This is a select program for candidates who have already been introduced to the techniques of machine learning. This internship is open to Hamoye Data Science Internship Fellows and certificate holders from other ML programs & bootcamps (e.g. Coursera, Udacity, DSN etc.) At this level, professionals will focus on end-to-end solution development in technology as part of our career incubation program

Program Delivery System

We have designed two different learning delivery systems to take away the rigor associated with learning. Our delivery methods are;

  1. Tutored Delivery Method: The tutored programs are a distinct set of programs that embraces the use of tutors to deliver the course and projects.
  2. Self-Learning Delivery Method: Hamoye’s style of learning embraces both the use of tutored and self-learning delivering systems. However, for the advanced learners, only the Self-Learning Delivery System will be adopted.

Internship Program Admissions

In line with our core mission and approach to learning, there will be a placement screening before approaching learning, to ensure that all learners are allocated to the best fit for them. We advise all learners to take a placement test during the application phase. While this is not a prerequisite for enrolment into our Internship program, we strongly recommend that all our prospective interns take this test to help better place them within our Programs. The placement test will be published at the start of every cohort application.

Program Curricula

Visit the Hamoye landing page to know more about the program curricula across the three tiers.

Internship Payment Structure

As noted earlier, the Analyst and Hamoye Data Science Internship have two delivery option-tutoring and self-learning, and they come with different payment plans.

The procedure for making payment for the program is outlined below:

  1. Visit the Hamoye web page.

2. Click on the “Programs” button on the top left of the landing page.

3. Select your desired tier (Analyst Internship Program, Data Science Internship Program, or ML Fullstack).

4. Read through the content of the page.

5. At the bottom of a page, you will find the short steps on how to be a part of the internship (as seen in the screenshot below)

6. After completing the steps, you will receive an email with the link to your choice tier and payment plan.

Still got questions? Email hello@hamoye.io.



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