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Happyplaces stories (video)

Van samenloop naar samenkomst van omstandigheden. Eerder in september sprak ik met Arian van Rijssen. Hij sprak toen over iemand, over Arian-e van Heijningen met wie hij vaak gesprekken voert over ‘doe je datgene wat je echt wilt doen?’ …

A reflection by Yuki Yamamori, philosopher and semiotics researcher

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One of the highlights of my recent visit to Tokyo was having the opportunity to share my personal research project Happyplaces, and having the opportunity to learn and add new perspectives to my research. Shibaura House created a happy space, a safe space for the participants to join the conversation and to have an open dialogue crossing boundaries of language, viewpoints and opinions.

After my plenary introduction, sharing the why, what and learnings of my journey, it was followed by a dialogue with philosopher Yuki Yamamori. He is a philosopher and semiotics researcher. Yuki graduated at the Graduate School of Human Sciences, Philosophical Anthropology at the Osaka University. He is the specially appointed associate professor at Osaka University Co* Design and holds this position since 2017. Before that, he worked at a nursing school and psychiatric group home. His recent interest is the ethics of majority in the society where diversity is aspired. …

Happyplaces stories (video)

Finding a space to talk about space is easy. Finding a space in London where you can talk about space and film it, seems te be quite difficult. That first happened with Nicole Yershon, and again with Robert. We met at my hotel, asked the staff permission to film in a corner of the lobby. No. At the fourth stop things seemed to be okay, until the staff saw that it was a sincere camera. No… Robert asked what my schedule was and we agreed that I would come to his home in Greenwich the next day, on my way to City airport. …

Happyplaces Stories (video)

We hadden al een tijdje heen en weer contact. En ik had al menig The School of Life evenement bezocht, boeken in de collectie én Alain de Botton zelf gefilmd, twee leden van de faculteit van The School of Life maar was nieuwsgierig geworden naar die Laurens die The School of Life Amsterdam heeft opgericht, én Brandstof én Brainwash Festival. …

Happyplaces stories (video)

The first thought goes to a space that makes people happy. And the second thought, which is slightly more intriguing to me is a place that is happy itself. And that is something quite interesting to think about because emotions are usually linked to people. Or at least, living things. To think of a place that is happy, I immediately relate that to a place that is alive, which is for me what places are, intrinsically. As an architect, creating places for people is really in the realm of the service. I can’t think of any of the space we create as a product. They have to be a service. And when you shift that thinking from product to a service, it then brings into the picture the person using it. …

Happyplaces Stories (video)

Ik was al lange tijd gefascineerd door de initiatieven van Koert. En had dan ook verschrikkelijk veel in om even zijn universum te zijn, het universum van Next Nature Network. Een universum met geprint voedsel, gehackte roggen en wat je je letterlijk ook maar kunt voorstellen bij toepassingen van technologie op verrassende manieren, die een andere blik geven op wat hun mogelijkheden en dilemma’s kunnen zijn.

In dat universum is niks vanzelfsprekend of vaststaand, alles wordt bevraagd en onderzocht in wat iets ook zou kunnen zijn. …


Happyplaces Stories

A library of perspectives from the Happyplaces Project

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