HARA shines in first episode of the Now Go Build series, created by Amazon Web Services

Nov 29, 2018 · 3 min read

While at the time we couldn’t say anything, we can now finally reveal that a camera crew that joined the Amazon CTO Werner Vogels’ visit to the HARA office was working on a new AWS series called Now Go Build.

In the series, Vogels travels around the world to meet startup founders to hear about what challenges they face in building their business, and how AWS helps them overcome these.

We are excited to announce that HARA is featured in the very first episode of the Now Go Build series created by AWS. Watch it here:

Vogels came by our offices at the end of September. During his visit, Regi Wahyu (HARA CEO) and Imron Zuhri (HARA CTO) spoke with Vogels about HARA during a tour of the office, while the trio was followed by the Now Go Build camera crew.

Regi and Imron walked Vogels through the concept of HARA and how the ecosystem is set up. Afterwards, they took the Amazon CTO to the rice fields near Bogor to get some hands on experience with the HARA applications.

There, the CTO was given a demonstration on how HARA’s technology is being used to benefit the rural communities of smallholder farmers.

Vogels even made the effort to interview some of the farmers and field agents in person and found out how the data collected by HARA can help to speed up loan disbursement processes.

HARA was selected for the first episode to showcase companies that apply Amazon Web Services to actively improve the livelihoods of the people that need it the most.

In HARA’s case, the AWS cloud services allow our engineers to fully focus on developing our product, instead of having to deal with things like server management.

Impressed by what he saw during his visit, Vogels took to twitter to voice his approval. Later, he even spoke about HARA at the International Rice Conference 2018 in his keynote speech!

We would like to thank Werner Vogels and the AWS team for visiting and putting a spotlight on the important work we are doing. The tools provided by AWS are a big part of what we have so far been able to accomplish!

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