3DHEALS | Writers Guideline

Our goal at 3DHEALS is to provide a stage to highlight great works by great people, showcase stories from startups and companies in the field of healthcare 3D printing. We would like to invite writers to submit to our publication. All the articles published on our Medium site here will also be published on our official website.

What Are We Looking for

Typically, three types of blog pieces will be accepted for publication (though exceptions do occur):

1. Expert’s corner: We invite leaders and influencers from the health care 3D printing ecosystem to write a 300–500 words piece with their insights in the industry. The focus of this article can be technical or non-technical but need to reflect the strength of the writers’ background and expertise.

2. 3DHEALS papers: This section contains all the excerpts from 3DHEALS publications (i.e. our books and industry consulting papers). Occasionally, shorter invited co-authored white papers will also be included in this section.

3. 3DHEALS Influencer Interviews — our interviews with field influencers and our speakers

4. 3DHEALS Community – Writing related to our community activities

Certain Rules Apply

  • We do not accept stories that are published in other Publications on Medium.com. If your story is published on an external site, simply add a line at the bottom stating that this was published here first.
  • Stories once published in 3DHEALS may not be removed and/or added to any other publication on Medium. This does not limit you from publishing the story on any other site.
  • If you submit two or more pieces on the same day, they will be published with a gap of a few days. We dislike spamming people with the same writer.
  • Please submit only one story in your submission email. Make that your best one. If we add you as a writer, you can always submit the others.
  • It is a request that all submitted stories must have an image (recommended: at the top of the story). Stock or otherwise. If no image is present, the editor will add one at his/her discretion. (You can, of course, change it later…but first impressions won’t be of your choosing.)

Ready? Click HERE to apply.

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