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May 9, 2019 · 3 min read

We bring the best of both worlds with us. Our management team excels in amiability and talent while our development squad are tech geniuses

Our Work Ethics

We have a very open work culture in our Office where nobody requires to take appointments to discuss anything whether it is personal or professional issues. This kind of open environment makes the office environment very much healthy and a lot easier to work. No hierarchy exit in the office this makes the collaboration possible with any cross-functional team.

We know that this world is very fast paced and people want to be the first at everything. And, Our employees empathize with this feeling and they tend to work fast pace in helping out with the solution quickly and which is quite stable. This is where our hard work and talent meet with pure brilliance to deliver exciting solutions.

Importance of location

Our office is situated in the vacation capital of India i.e. Goa. So the people working here are not at all stressed as teams working over here gets a perfect balance of work-life balance. We are strategically located in a tropical land where the temperature doesn’t go below 0 degrees like in the north or hitting the limit of human expectations like it does in the southern part of India.

Thousands of tourist flocks in Goa everywhere for recreational purpose and enjoy sunny holiday with the few vacation days they’re allowed to use each year. And our team reap the benefits from this slow pace of life by working here. Beaches and recreational activities like water sports and other exploration of nature can be accessed as long as you stay in Goa.

The food over here is so different compared to the other part of the country where most of the businesses thrive. Over here the food is prepared with natural vegetables and tend to be good with a different flavor.

Our Strengths

We collaborate with our team members from different location across multiple countries which brings in the unique perspectives from individuals for the product. Such valuable feedbacks and no sugar coating answers are something which makes the product delivered by us as a world standard product.

Our technical expertise is our core strength as we believe in investing in technology and crafting optimized solutions for all the problems that come our way. Our team is always looking to upgrade their skill set in this fast-paced era of technologies. We built some of the AR/VR solutions when many people were learning about the AR/VR and figuring out how can they implement the technology.

Our cross-functional exercise helps the entire team understands the product and provide their feedback on the product MVP and what can be done to improve the process. Our time is very agile as we have worked with some of the biggest conglomerate as well as the new startup with only one co-founder and no company yet registered.

We respect our customers and their ideas so we always sign NDA with our customers so that they feel safe that their idea is safe with us. Our employees are very good at understanding the perspective of customers and provide them with the best solution that is possible.


Award winning technology partner that builds & manages…


Award winning technology partner that builds & manages next-gen mobile experiences swiftly


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Award winning technology partner that builds & manages next-gen mobile experiences swiftly