Our top 6 highlights of 2018 — what a year!

…and hello 2019!

Before we dive into 2019 tomorrow… we take a rare moment to look back at 2018, and what a year it has been! We’ve had some pretty good moments, we couldn’t mention them all, but we’ve narrowed it down to some of our top moments.

And all this, because we truly believe that our planet and our lives, the way we travel, eat, cure and power our society, can be transformed by deep tech.

A big, heartfelt thank you to our community!

1. We welcomed 100 new deeptech ecosystem partners

New friends! United by the shared vision that deep technologies can solve humanity’s most pressing issues, Hello Tomorrow has partnered with incubators, universities and accelerators to help empower the most promising deeptech entrepreneurs across the globe. Check them out here.

2. The Global Challenge got bigger and better

We got a record of 4,500 applications from 119 countries this year! Our Challenge team, Ambassador and Curators searched high and low in every corner, nook and cranny to unearth the very finest early-stage deeptech startups & projects. Thank you guys, your projects inspire us to keep going!

And we even held four Local Finals of the HT Challenge!

It was the first year we held local finals of the Challenge. Congratulations to our Local Final Winners who are developing incredible technology to change our lives!

RxAll at the AfricaArena in Cape Town where the Africa Finals of #HTChallenge were held in November 2018
LifeSpans with Singapore Ambassadors at the Hello Tomorrow Singapore Regional Summit in November 2018
NanoMatTR, at the Turkey Finals of the #HTChallenge in Istanbul in December 2018

Africa Finals Winner: RxAll, a Nigerian startup develops a handheld device for real-time drug analysis, helping solve crucial issues of fake and degraded drugs.

Southeast Asia Finals Winner: Lifespans, a startup from Hong Kong, is developing safe & effective bone implants for elderly patients.

Turkey Finals Winner: NanoMatTR control the release of pesticides using natural nanotubes for safer & healthier use.

ASTER at the Hello Tomorrow Japan Summit in Tokyo in December 2018

Japan Finals Winner: Japanese startup, ASTER, are developing an innovative paint that protects houses from seismic impact!

3. Hello Tomorrow hubs hosted 10 events around the globe

From the Future of Mobility in HT Hungary to the Future of Quantum Businesses in HT Switzerland, inaugural Summits in Singapore and Japan as well as events in Turkey and South Africa and more meetups — HT has brought together over 3,500 awesome individuals who support the transfer of deep tech!

4. We launched Deeptech Founders

Hello Tomorrow’ s little cousin, an entrepreneurial training program for researchers and engineers looking to launch their own deeptech startup, welcomed its first cohort! 40 projects completed the 4-month program and attendees gave the team heartfelt feedback!

“Attending Deeptech Founders was a game changer for me. It transformed my project from a blurry idea to a concrete action plan!”

Ready to start your entrepreneurial journey? Apply for the 2nd cohort in before January 25th, 2019.

5. Come consult with us

It’s been a long time coming, we finally merged with design agency We Design Services to combine expertise proprietary innovation management methods & our deeptech network to help startups, industry, and VCs keep up with fast-paced innovation and stay ahead of the game.

6. We wrote a whitepaper on the application of blockchain on patient data

We teamed up with some of the leaders in the healthcare industry Roche, MSD, ARIIS as well as Bpifrance to write a whitepaper on how blockchain can improve patient data. The first step towards collaboration!
Download the whitepaper here.

…And now what..?


Hello San Francisco!

We’re coming to the Bay Area! SF has long since been a thriving deeptech ecosystem, but how to engage with the global deeptech network? Our first event in the Valley will tackle three important verticals in the area: New Space, Life Science & New Mobility. Get your passes here.

Step inside tomorrow with us at the Global Summit in Paris on March 14–15th, 2019

The best way to preview the future is to create it

We’ve spent 2018 looking for the most visionary people on this planet. March 2019 we bring them together in the heart of Paris for a 2-day journey into the tomorrow we want to create.
Book your passes now via our website.

Thank you to all our partners for supporting our mission!
What about you? What was your favourite Hello Tomorrow moment in 2018? We’d love to know!