Circular picks, Apr 17

Our favourite tracks from April 2017

Welcome back!

Last month we debuted the first instalment in our new music feature, listing some of our favourite music from the past month. Circular picks, Mar 17 featured a large variety of genres, pulling together the music our users are loving the most — from Sampha and James Blake, to Anderson .Paak and Freddie Gibbs.

Our latest addition features much of the same — a great selection of music.

This month has seen the release of some amazing projects. We’ve seen Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. debut at №1 with an equivalent of 603,000 sales in it’s opening week. New music from Sevdaliza, Arca, Joey Bada$$ and JMSN — to name a few — was also released this month.

Let’s get into some of the tracks ⛵️


tevon went for a Jai Paul demo from 2012 — jasmine.

The guitar riff comes together with a clap snare like child’s play. The distorted bass guitar further into the track sends me into a different world of listening


Syznergy has been listening to DAMN. a lot, as well as music from River Tiber, Flying Lotus and Thundercat.


Zai has picked two of his current favourites. A hit from Lil Uzi Vert;

“A feeling of pure ecstasy, this song makes you want to lose yourself and get lost in the moment. I’m a terrible singer but I can guarantee you that I’d sing this with no care in the world.”

and another from London’s One Acen;

One Acen has been on my playlists for a good year or two now. Pxttern is a perfect song to show his growth as an artist and how he’s maturing. This song + loud punchy headphones = unlimited bopping. He’s amazing.


Hendrix has a couple of choices — simply because this month made it hard to limit them! Firstly, JMSN;

JMSN’s new project is a dream — and “Slowly” is an early favourite.

and then this mighty collaboration;

“Clean” is a collaboration from some of my favourite artists. An Oscar #worldpeace hook and verses from Ragz Originale, 808 Charmer & Knucks, this track has everything you need. Very, very NANG.

and finally a sultry cut from Sonder;

Sonder — a trio made up of Brent Faiyaz, Atu and Dpat — are churning out some amazing music and their debut project is excellent. “Baldwin Park” is an instrumental from “Into” and is one I could have looping for hours and it still feel fresh each time.

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