Contributing to Circular’s community

Hey, so you want to contribute to Circular’s community? Be it an opinion piece or one about your creative field — and anything else in between — we can take it on! 🚀

How do I contribute?

Send us an email at with the subject line “Contribute to Circular’s community”. Include a draft of your piece in the Email.

Once we get back to you and have added you as a writer, you can contribute by pressing the three dots in the top-right;

And then select “Add to publication”;

That way we can then review it to make sure it is good to go. Then we can add it to Circular’s community!

What should I write about?

We’ll be accepting many types of content on our community. There are a few key categories for content.


There will be separate pages for particular fields — let’s say Design, Photography, Music, etc — and in these you can write about your favourite creators from the given field, or about what you like (or dislike!) about the field, and so on.


These wont necessarily fit into a creative topic, but they can fit more so with philosophy, sociology, etc. We get most of these topic ideas from the discussions we have over on Circular. For example, we have, a post on consciousness, a post about creativity in schools. Neither of these fit exactly into a specific creative field but everyone love them.

Your story

What got you into your craft? What are your experiences within your creative field? We’re keen to know about the life of an Animator, Illustrator, Fashion Designer (or whichever field you find yourself in)!

What else should I include?

To keep our community running efficiently, there are a few things we need to be included in all contributions. A footer, some tags, some links, and perhaps some editing.

  • Footer: you should copy our Footer on to your post. We will add the relevant links for the images
  • Tags: if you are writing about art, tag “Art”, and if you are writing about music, tag “Music”. It’s quite straight forward there. If it’s an opinion piece, or doesn’t really fit a specific field, tag “Anything Goes”
  • Links: add a link to any articles where relevant! It’s great to read content with some extra sources. Additionally, add Social Media links where necessary
  • Editing: should it be necessary, when you Email us we might review the piece and suggest a few minor changes. If this is the case let us know when they are changed! We might also add a few additional tags should we need to

All the best!

❤️ Circular

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