Start your own publication

To design your publication homepage and add writers, read this post.

To create a new publication:

Click the “New Publication” button on the Publications page. Once you have created your publication, give it a snappy name and a description. Add an image to really make it fresh. We recommend images at least 1400 pixels tall (more on images here). You may change these options at any time by clicking the edit button on the publication page (remember, only the publication owner may edit). Publications you create are also accessible (to anyone) on your profile page.

To delete a publication:

First remove all the posts by navigating to them and using the drop-down menu to remove them. Return to the publication homepage, click edit, then click the arrow in the upper right corner to slide out the drawer. From the drop down menu, you can delete the publication.

To include your story in a publication:

There are no more open submissions to publications. To have your story included in a publication, there are now three options:
- Be the publication owner
- Be an editor of the publication
- Be an invited writer for the publication. Your story must first be accepted by the owner or an editor.

To Feature a story in a publication:

You must be a publication editor/owner to feature a story.

  • Make sure your publication layout has a “Featured” section.
  • Use the drop down arrow to select the featured story.

For more information, read this post: Publication Management.
Remember, a story can only be in one publication!

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