Happiest (Scariest) Place on Earth???

Patrick Hensley

Today Disneyland Paris successfully thwarted a possible tragedy (not yet declared terrorist event). Following a routine screening at a checkpoint inside one of their hotels security detained a young man carrying two guns, ammunition and a Quran in a bag.

Is no place sacred any longer? Is there anywhere left that we can feel comfortable taking our families for some well deserved recreation? Maybe it was just a matter of time before something like this would occur at the happiest place on Earth. I am grateful France remains on heightened alert, with security checkpoints in place and taking no chances in order to prevent any future terrorist attacks.

Perhaps it’s time to increase security measures at all of the Disney theme parks worldwide? I can only speak to personal experiences with security at Disneyland California, and they do a relatively good job searching belongings being brought onto the property. There are no metal detectors or searches of persons, and it may be time to implement the next level of security at all of their theme parks now.

Following 9/11 the new security measures at our airports resulted in long lines and much frustration. With time we have accepted those inconveniences (for the most part) in order to feel safe when flying. I suspect that same thing will happen once Disneyland implements additional security measures. We will adjust once again and enjoy the Matterhorn without fear of violence (although I do fear the abominable snowman).

I have little doubt the Walt Disney Corporation will take this incident very seriously and make necessary changes to protect their guests. They have a world-class security structure in place that is the envy of many law enforcement organizations. I am willing to undergo more stringent security checks, additional inconveniences, and will continue to visit the magic kingdom. The question is are you ready?

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