Hookpad BETA is here!

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1 min readSep 26, 2019


Since we announced the Hookpad project, dozens of projects reached out to let us know that this would save them countless hours of development.

Many subscribed for the private BETA, and today we’re releasing an open BETA.

Is this your first time hearing about Hookpad?

Hookpad is a platform that supplies ready-to-consume data directly from the blockchain. How does it work? Simple: It hooks to any EVM-compatible blockchain, and lets you listen and filter the events you need. Once that is covered, it parses those events to meet your requirements and then delivers through webhooks and API.

How do I start using Hookpad?

It’s a plug and play solution, so it takes about 2 minutes to fully set it up! Check out this tutorial to learn more.

Ready to create your first Hookpad Project?

Try Hookpad BETA now!