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NFTs have been the focus of our gamified staking program since the first season began in July 2021. This post will give you an overview of all the HOPR boost NFTs we’ve issued and how you could get them. Intrigued? Consider joining our community activities to earn yourself one of these utility NFTs. Each one you earn and lock boosts your staking APR, so collecting as many as possible has big rewards!

These NFTs will also provide unique entry to our upcoming whitelisted testnets and cover traffic rewards, which will roll out and expand over the coming months.


All HOPR NFTs all linked to participation in different events. Our first season of staking and NFT rewards started on July 27th 2021 and ended on January 17th 2022, while the second season started on January 17th and will run until April 26th 2022.

Types and Ranks

Each NFT has four parameters to be aware of:

  • Type: This indicates what event the NFT is associated with, such as a testnet or a promotional campaign.
  • Rank: Within each type, NFTs can be one of four ranks: bronze, silver, gold, and diamond. The higher the rank, the higher the associated boost. In general, higher ranking NFTs will be issued to those who participate more — but not every NFT will have all the different ranks.
  • Boost Amount: This is the amount that the NFT will boost your APR in our gamified staking program. These boosts stack, with no limit (but only one NFT of each type can be redeemed by each address).
  • Deadline: Initially introduced to prevent gaming the spirit of the more valuable NFTs, earlier versions had a redemption deadline. These NFTs had to be redeemed before a certain block for the boost to be applied. The contract for the second season of the staking program ignores this parameter.

All our released NFTs


One of the first issued NFT was our beloved HODL NFT. To reward our early supporters and kick off our gamified staking program, we issued these to each HOPR address with their rank based on how long they’ve held HOPR tokens:

  • Diamond NFTs were distributed to people holding since before March 27th, 2021
  • If you held HOPR tokens after this date, but before April 27th, you received a Gold NFT
  • For holding HOPR tokens in the time between April 27th and June 27th, users received a Silver NFT
  • At last, Bronze NFTs were given out to all other accounts at the time of the analytics snapshot

Wildhorn v1 Testnet NFT

Our first advanced testnet connected to our staking program was Wildhorn v1. After the already successful Säntis testnet concluded in late 2020, we decided to use Polygon as testing environment again, which resulted in these NFTs being called “Polygon Tester”.

To be eligible for an NFT, users had to start up a node and perform certain on-chain actions like opening and closing payment channels. Participants in the testnet were given a week to familiarize themselves with the setup and earn points with on-chain actions.

Our testing NFTs are distributed in quartiles. So based on the leaderboard at the end of the testnet, diamond NFTs are distributed to users with the top 25% scores, gold NFTs go to users in the top 50% to 75% of the leaderboard, silver NFTs go to users between 25% and 50%, and bronze NFTs to the remaining participants. This ratio has been used for all testnets.

Wildhorn v2 Testnet NFT

Just a few weeks later, we continued expanding features of the HOPR protocol and decided on a new testing environment. After having thousands of nodes on the previous testnet, we ran into some issues on Polygon and therefore switched over to Gnosis Chain (former xDai Chain), which we’re still using as our main testing environment.

For participants to receive points, they needed to open and close payment channels, send and relay data packets and earn and redeem tickets. This time, it was possible to link multiple nodes to a single score.

DAO experiment v0.2 NFT

We want our community to be in charge of decisions regarding the HOPR protocol. With our launch being governed by the Genesis DAO, we want to continue this active community involvement and incentivize people taking their time and helping HOPR in making certain decisions.

NFTs were awarded based on participation in the form of proposals, contributing discussions and votes. Additionally, we also awarded HOPR tokens for active involvement in the DAO experiment.

Lucky NFT

Not everything goes according to plan — and we really got to feel that in early 2022, when we discovered a crucial bug in our staking contract. Due to this, for a short amount of time, users weren’t able to withdraw their stake.

In a quick white hat hacking attempt – with some friends from other projects having our back – we found the bug, brainstormed possible solutions, recovered lost funds and reimbursed all affected.

For the patience and willingness to help us, we sent out our “Lucky” NFTs to all affected users to compensate them for the day of rewards missed (and to add a little on top)!

In recent months, the Lucky NFT has been issued to node runners affected by bugs. Thanks to the skill of our tech team, it’s still one of the rarest NFTs :)

Matterhorn Testnet NFT

Our latest testnet, called Matterhorn, also brought four different ranks of NFTs to participants. Due to us stress-testing the capabilities of our network and letting everyone run as many nodes as possible, the network crashed several times and the testnet was cut short.

But participants were still rewarded with points for any on-chain actions they made with their nodes and put into a leaderboard to determine the rank of their NFT.

DAO experiment v0.3 NFT

Similar to the DAO experiment v0.2 NFT, we wanted the community to interact and think about the future of the HOPR ecosystem. This time, we openly asked for ideas and concepts of tools, dApps and services to be build on top of HOPR. We received many interesting ideas, from which some might be introduced as a future bounty.

NFTs were — again — awarded based on participation in the form of proposals, contributing discussions and votes. Additionally, we also awarded HOPR tokens for active involvement in the DAO experiment.


Staking Season 3 NFTs

Restaker NFT

With some changes to the staking program and early NFTs being retired, we introduced our plans to give more opportunities to earn NFTs. To reimburse the discontinued HODLer NFT, people who restaked after the second season of staking into the third season of staking received the highly coveted Restaker NFT.

AMA’zing NFT

To answer all the questions regarding our new staking season, we held an AMA with HOPR founder Sebastian Buergel, where we answered everything our commuity wanted to know about staking and the future of HOPR.

All attendees to the AMA received an NFT. Higher rank ones were distributed to community members who asked questions, with three good ones being selected to have won the diamond NFT.


DAOs have always been a very important topic for HOPR. That’s why we always aim to make the process of the HOPR DAO as transparent as possible and educate about the system.

To show what difference weighted voting and quadratic voting can make, we invited our community to our QV Game. All participants received at least a bronze NFT! Higher NFTs were rewarded for increasing levels of participation.

Metadata Game NFTs

Another important topic HOPR wants to educate about is how metadata can be used to reliably extract private information. To this end, we have hosted five different games in which we have examined transaction data, timestamps, location data and much more.

Each team received 25 HOPR Boost NFTs with an APR based on their final score (sent to the ambassadors or a nominated representative). They then distributed these to their team.

Meme Master NFTs

Sometimes the best way to reach out to more people is to make them laugh. Our privacy focussed meme contest rewarded thoughtful and funny privacy memes with out Meme Master NFT.

Tokenlon AMA NFTs

To celebrate our listing on Tokenlon and our trading campaing, we distributed HOPR boost NFTs to participants of the Tokenlon AMA on their Discord.

By attending and submitting questions that have been answered by our team at the AMA you could earn yourself one of four different Tokenlon AMA NFTs.

Additional NFTs

Some of our distributed NFTs aren’t directly linked to testnets, DAOs or other technical events, but are still part of the larger HOPR NFT ecosystem.

Puzzle NFTs

Before our launch, testnets also had a more gamified component with daily tasks, games and puzzles. We didn’t want to leave this out for our coming roadmap, and therefore started one of the largest treasure hunts in the crypto space. With a staggering 250,000 HOPR prize fund as well as an 100% APR Boost NFT for staked HOPR token.

The so called HOPR hunt was divided into several chapters with regularly released puzzles. The first person to solve each puzzle received a golden “Puzzle Solver” NFT, while the next nine receive a bronze one.

To win the grand prize — the “The Treasure NFT” — people have to get access to the wallet that currently holds it. Clues to the secret seed phrase are distributed within all released puzzles.

The big prize pool is still available and open for anyone to be won. Just head over to our forum and read up on the already published chapters to the story. The hunt will be relaunching soon, with more puzzles and prizes.

The Surveyor NFT

To learn more about our community, their values and opinions on certain HOPR-related topics and their level of technical expertise, we held a series of surveys. With many hundreds of participants, we received very insightful data and were able to incorporate that feedback into our roadmap.

NFTs were distributed based on the number of surveys taken, as well as the number of answers filled out in each survey.


For people spotting us (in our very noticeable bright yellow HOPR sweatshirts) at ETHDenver, we had a small suprise: Our “ETHDenver” NFT!

Non-Private NFT

In July 2022 we presented our Web3 privacy educational tool: the HOPR Non-Private NFT! This NFT joins our D.E.R.P. tool in showing just how easy it is to expose your IP address and maybe even your whole identity with many of today’s crypto services.

DAO v0.4

The fourth HOPR DAO experiment was run to determine whether DAO assets should be migrated to different decentralized exchanges to provide liquidity on different chains.

As always, participants were awarded with NFTs based on the level of their contribution across the different DAO phases.


The Collector NFT was awarded to people based on how many NFTs they’d managed to collect in a single address. Having more and better ranked NFTs ensured you got the more valuable versions.

Network Registry

The Network Registry NFTs are a special instance of the HOPR Boost NFTs. They don’t confer any NFT boost on their own, but they do allow access to the network registry, which lets you run a node and unlock a whole new set of rewards.

Monte Rosa

Stakers of our Network Registry NFT can run nodes on our Monte Rose environment. This in turn will earn you NFTs depending on how consistently your node can be reach by our pingbot. Participants compete to rise up the leaderboard found at https://network.hoprnet.org

Bug Hunter

As with any complex software, things don’t always work according to plan with the HOPR nodes. Community members who report bugs and work with our ambassadors to resolve their issues are given the Bug Hunter NFT as compensation.

DAO v0.5

The fifth HOPR DAO experiment was run to allocate DAO assets to automated liquidity managers, in an effort to manage the DAO treasury more efficiently. This marked the first time the DAO had interacted with external parties, and it was a huge success.

As always, NFTs were awarded based on how many DAO phases someone participated in, as well as the quality of their participation.

Happy HOPRdays

In December 2022, we ran a month long advent calender promotion with a variety of games and challenges. Participants could earn our Happy HOPRdays NFT.

Monte Rosa v2

This was the second NFT issued to participants in our Monta Rosa environment, reserved exclusively for people who qualified to access our network registry.

Surveyor v2

This NFT was awarded to people who completed our latest privacy survey, providing us with valuable data on the importance different groups place on data privacy.

Monte Rosa v3

The third round of NFTs allocated to early participants in our first long-running stable release environment: Monte Rosa.

Patient Supporter

An NFT made to compensate our patient community members that were stuck on the waitlist as we froze network growth ahead of ETH Denver. The NFT rank was based on the individual’s rank on the waitlist.

Even More Patient Supporter

A follow-up NFT to correct the APR-boosting ratios of the original Patient Supporter NFT.

DAO v0.6

The sixth DAO experiment was run to ask the DAO their opinion on allocating funds to a bug bounty vault for the staking program hosted on the hats bug bounty program.

The NFT rank was based on how many DAO phases the individual participated in as well as the quality of their participation.

RPCh Pioneers

An NFT distributed to those who participated in the initial RPCh launch campaign or the 24-hour hackathon initiated on RPCh Twitter. To earn the diamond NFT an individual would have to have participated in both.

ETH Privacy Network Registry

A special Network Registry NFT to grant participants of the ETH Privacy hackathon access to the Monte Rosa network.

April Fools

This was a special NFT given to those who participated in the April Fools hackathon event in April 2023.

Easter Hunt

A special NFT for the winners of our Easter Hunt puzzle was distributed to those who solved the first part of one of our most challenging puzzles: https://medium.com/hoprnet/hop-to-it-the-second-edition-of-our-annual-easter-hunt-af062889f516

DAO v0.7

The seventh HOPR DAO experiment was run to decide whether or not to invest in a newly incorporated HOPR holding company in exchange for equity.

The rank of NFT was awarded depending on the number of phases an individual participated in.

This list will be updated with new NFTs as they come. Interested in earning yourself a HOPR boost NFT? Join us on Telegram or Discord and chat with us — there will be plenty of opportunities to obtain future NFTs.

Rik Krieger,

HOPR Co-Founder

Website: https://www.hoprnet.org
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hoprnet
Telegram: https://t.me/hoprnet
Discord: https://discord.gg/dEAWC4G
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hoprnet
Forum: https://forum.hoprnet.org



Rik Krieger, Serial Entrepreneur

Rik Krieger holds an Executive MBA from the University of Zurich and has extensive experience in Brand, HR, Operations & Business Development