nahmii deployment begins

Following the launch of hubii core last week, today marks another significant milestone for hubii and the wider Ethereum community. We are proud to announce that we have started to deploy nahmii, hubii’s second-layer scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain, to the public mainnet.

We anticipate that the deployment will be completed by the end of next week, however this will be the largest ever deployment to the Ethereum mainnet and may therefore take a little extra time.

The first smart contract to be deployed will be for nahmii’s token, NII. This smart contract will control the minting of NII tokens, which will create a strictly limited supply of 120 billion tokens before moving them into time-locked addresses. These addresses will then supply the tokens for 120 monthly airdriips over the next ten years, as explained in our previous airdriip blog post.

Public Testing

Following the deployment, nahmii will enter a period of public testing — effectively a public beta — during which withdrawals from the protocol will be suspended temporarily until January 2019. The process of enabling withdrawals from nahmii will be fully trustless, with the timing fixed by the underlying smart contracts. Users will be able to deposit and transact using nahmii during this beta period, allowing the hubii team to monitor the performance of the protocol. Most importantly, developers can now start to build products using nahmii on the mainnet.

We will update you on the progress of the deployment over the next few days, however you can learn more about nahmii by visiting the following links: