Update: first nahmii airdriip

Today marks the date of the first nahmii airdriip so, as promised in our previous update, we can now reveal the number of tokens each qualifying address will receive once the protocol goes live on the mainnet.

We’ll start with a quick recap: nahmii is hubii’s pioneering second layer scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain. By moving the majority of transactions off-chain, nahmii solves Ethereum’s scaling and performance issues. Transaction throughput is radically improved, latency is significantly reduced and fees are both predictable and much lower (on average).

The nahmii protocol is tokenised, with token holders receiving all of the revenue. Instead, nahmii’s tokens — NII — will be distributed through 120 monthly ‘airdriips’ over 10 years. The first airdriip ‘accumulation period’ ran from 1st November — 30th November.

Holders of both HBT, hubii’s token from our 2017 ICO, and ETH can participate in the airdriip. The requirements are simple: HBT holders must hold their tokens in an address that they control the private keys for, ETH holders must meet the same requirement and also register using hubii’s digital asset manager hubii core. More information about the airdriip, registration, allocations and eligibility calculations can be found in the ‘airdriip FAQ’ here.

First airdriip calculations

As discussed in our previous blog post, we expect that nahmii will be live on the Ethereum mainnet by the end of December. The nahmii airdriip will use the nahmii protocol, so the first distribution of NII tokens will take place once the protocol goes live. Given that the accumulation period for the first airdriip has now ended, we can now publish the data showing the allocations and entitlements built up during this period. In the data below you can see all eligible addresses, their accumulated balance-block totals (in femtoHBT.blocks for HBT holders and in Wei.blocks for ETH holders) and the number of NII tokens they will receive (in femtoNII). This disclosure is designed to provide maximum transparency for the airdriip.

To recap: these tokens will be delivered to the qualifying addresses as soon as possible following nahmii’s launch on mainnet. The nahmii FAQ explains all you need to know about the airdriip process and the data from the first airdriip can be found below:



  • These calculations are provisional allocations and may be subject to change until the airdriip takes place.
  • hubii reserves the right to exclude certain addresses from the airdriip, notably those of rival Distributed Exchanges.
  • The number of tokens received during the airdriip will differ from token allocation due to fees.
  • Also note, infinitesimal rounding errors have been introduced by a library used, which will be rectified prior to the actual airdriip.