Development update (01.05)

Hello everyone! Hopefully, the spring brings something new to your life. But even if it doesn’t, we have some updates to share with you. The platform is being built, and in this report we are focusing on its essential part: Order Routing Server.

Trading system architecture

Order Routing Server (ORS) updates

In the latest Development report we introduced you the Order Routing Server, which connects the platform with the external liquidity sources (exchanges, OTC desk services and other liquidity pools) and ensures their effective communication.

Trading system architecture

User-friendly. Currently, the first version of the ORS has already been built. In fact, this version implies the automatic customisation of the parameters used for orders execution, according to the particular exchange peculiarities. Therefore, together with connectors and the API-key module, this part makes it possible to work actively with various exchanges, not depending on their infrastructure features. To illustrate, even if an exchange has no function to cancel an order (in other words, you need to enter the details of your order and you probably have no time or just lazy to do it), with ORS you just push a button to cancel all your orders, feeling that you need some rest. Definitely, the service is to be developed with more tips created for the users. As a case in point, a function of routing orders to different exchanges to achieve the best execution price, or bringing fitting orders of the users together.

Secure. As it can be seen from the scene above, at the stage of processing data by ORS, API storage takes part (Microservice inside the scheme) as an additional security layer. The whole idea can be found in the previous Development report.
For now, the Microservice has already been integrated into ORS with the communication between these services established, tested and enhanced.

Reliable. Also, keeping in mind common problems of working with exchanges, the next step of the ORS development is dedicated to increasing its reliability. 
Have you ever faced the situation when something goes wrong with your order due to restrictions on the number of orders set by the exchange? Not pleasant thing, which is to be tackled by the ORS complex infrastructure. It provides high quality services even with a huge number of users and orders in terms of harsh exchange limitations.

These are the major features which will be applied daily in the trading platform and which are also a solid basis for other smart mechanisms. Besides, even though the attention in current Development report is paid to the Order Routing Server, in fact, the ongoing work, tests and services integration are conducted for each part of the platform.

Thank you for your support, stay tuned for more project news!

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