Development report (29.03)

Hello everyone! We are pleased to publish a mid-spring fresh development report with the updates on the products and new announcements.

New website

A new version of the website is released! It contains all the products with descriptions, instructions and links: Feel free to downloaded and explore them all! Also, do not hesitate to share your feedback.

What to expect on the website:

  1. Would like to audit and verify the data? Try Trade history software, provided on the website with the system design, illustrations and code.
  2. May you desire to get overall understanding of crypto industry dynamics? Pay attention to HyperQuant Cryptocurrency Index, which may work for crypto investors as a benchmark to be compared with their own portfolios.
  3. Probably need to build or adjust your own portfolio, or to compete with others? Play with Intelligent telegram bot!

Besides, you will find the info on our latest news, partners, exchanges, social networks, and also the legal documents.

Furthermore, there are some more valuable updates to share with you:

Order Routing Server (ORS)

We would like to introduce you the Order Routing Server, a substantial part of the HyperQuant platform, the primary aim of which is to enable effective communication of the platform with the external liquidity sources: exchanges, OTC desk services and other liquidity pools.

Highlighting the importance of this part, it is worth saying that each exchange often uses its own methods and parameters to execute the orders. Therefore, there is a need for the service which could customize all the requests for the exchanges, processing various kinds of data. To clarify, specifically the ORS acts as this service.

Trading system architecture

However, the Order Routing Server deals not with the whole range of the operations conducted by connectors, but with the private ones, for example,

  • create an order,
  • cancel an order,
  • cancel all orders.

In simple words, since a user requested, for instance, order cancelling, the data is processed by the ORS, transformed into the fitting format and sent to the exchange.

Being an essential integral part of the trading software, it also conducts measures related to the security of the transactions, and this is our next topic to cover.

*P.S. By the way, we are making continuous work on connectors creating!

API key storage

So, do you see the Auth microservice on the scheme above? It goes in the bunch with the Order Routing Server, ensuring your additional security layer! The idea is the following:

Since you received the API keys (exchange users’ API keys), you enter them into the system once for processing with the special algorithms, saving, and in return you get a special hash. The hash can be used to decrypt the keys we have saved. Note that we do not hold your hash, you are the only owner of it, that is why no one except you can decrypt your private keys.

This way, working with any of HyperQuant services, instead of using your private keys, you use the hash to make the system decrypt your private keys saved before. The scheme shows the process of decryption on the stage of processing data by the ORS.

What is more, welcome to the board news:

Mitchell Marrs joined HyperQuant Team as a Head of business development!

Being passionate for international business development & entrepreneurship, Mitchell currently works with both exchanges and a wide range of projects, for instance, Komodo, Mt Pelerin, CoinFly, Foleum, SynQ, CryptoCurve and of course HyperQuant, being able to generate and realize the ideas on strategic partnerships & ecosystem development.

Let us congratulate and appreciate Mitchell for his hard work, clear mind and business acumen!

Stay tuned for more project news!

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