We’ve totally revamped Watson Assistant to make it dramatically easier and faster for anyone (yes, anyone) to build, publish, and improve a chatbot. See for yourself.


Chatbots are a great way for you to naturally and efficiently help your customers get stuff done with your business — on any communication channel. But let’s face it, most chatbot building tools today are either…

  1. overly simplistic and break whenever someone asks your bot something unexpected
  2. focused only on…

Why stick with just text? Add media and web widgets to make conversations engaging, interactive, and fun for your customers

Watson Assistant can now display dynamic rich media and custom content through its out-of-the-box web client, making dialog with end customers much more visual, engaging, and interactive.

Dialog designers can now put rich media — like videos and audio — and interactive content — like surveys, maps, and calendars —…

Photo by Marten Newhall on Unsplash

You have probably noticed a lot of improvements to Watson Assistant’s search skill. Most recently, we improved the feature by adding the short-answer capability, improving extraction of question-answer pairs from FAQs, and enabling the ability to search in multiple document formats like PDFs and Word.

The search skill improves the…

Watson Assistant’s improved Search skill can return precise, concise answers from almost any content source, like your company’s FAQ pages

Who can say they enjoy finding answers to questions by using search on a website? Even when the results are relevant, we still have to navigate and read blocks of text to find answers — which might be only one or two words among sentences and paragraphs.

A well-designed chatbot…

Photo by Hoover Tung on Unsplash

We recently published a technical paper that demonstrates how Watson Assistant does a better job understanding users than other conversational AI platforms. To achieve this, we use many complex technologies in natural language understanding and machine learning. We’d like to explain in basic terms how they work.

At heart, conversational…

IBM Watson Assistant

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