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Your Weekly News

[Cryptodigest, 01/23]

ICON Security Vulnerability was found
However, this security flaw was already discovered through the bounty program formed by ICON Foundation with HackerOne back in late November 2018 according to ICON’s Head of Institutional Markets and Contributor Relations, Ricky Dodds.

  • It’s also important to note that when the program first started, the progress of the bug bounty program with HackerOne would not be available to the public.

[BitcoinExchangeGuide, 01/31]

South Korea’s Largest Crypto Exchange, Upbit, is Set to Enter Indonesian Market with an Airdrop of 250,000 ICX

[Finder.com.au, 01/31]

ICON (ICX) 2018 Roadmap Shows Focus on Adoption

The Community Reacts

AMA To Be Expected? Thanks, Ricky!
ICON Development Roadmap Update: Jan 2019
Spl3en pointed out that Loopchain Engine RC2.0.0 was released and explained the importance of it. He (and 2infiniti as well!) has always been incredibly helpful in explaining the more advanced technical side of things in a ELI5(Explain Like I’m 5) manner for many of us in the community who don’t have as much development knowledge.
ICONLOOP also updated its website — It’s now loaded with some insightful information!

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