ICONOMI ICN apptoken genesis under way

ICONOMI, the first fund management platform for the decentralised economy, is today announcing the creation of ICN apptokens, which are now being distributed among investors. In order to achieve an equal opportunity of accessing the tokens for all investors, the contract will keep them locked until an Ethereum network block height of 2.505.000 (approximately tomorrow, October 25, 2016 at 1 p.m. UTC.)

Following the success of last week’s test contract deployment, ICONOMI today initiated the deployment of the smart contract, that has issued 100 million ERC20 compliant apptokens, representing 100% ownership of the ICONOMI.

The ICN apptoken issuance process consists of two phases. Phase 1: token issuance and assignment (currently ongoing); phase 2: token unlocking (when you will be able to send ICN tokens from your wallets).

UPDATE: After the ICN unlocks, you can control them with any ETH wallet that supports ERC-20 apptokens. To display them properly, you will have to enter the ICN’s contract address (0x888666CA69E0f178DED6D75b5726Cee99A87D698). Please read our instructions on how to do that with the official Ethereum Wallet and with MyEtherWallet.

Investors who are keeping ICN tokens in ICONOMI ICO website’s wallet, will have the option to withdraw them after ICN unlocks. Partial and full withdrawals will be possible.


With the successful launch of ICN apptokens, ICONOMI is locking previously released test tokens, essentially taking them out of circulation.

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