ICONOMI Monthly Update — October 2017

Ervin K. Ursic
Nov 15, 2017 · 4 min read

Welcome to our October 2017 monthly update. Diving into the last months of the year, we released a strong Q3 financial report, a new blog series, and a brand-new mobile app, among other highlights.

DAA Manager Insights

To give our users better insight into the opinions, tactics, and strategies of our first wave of DAA managers, we have launched a new interview series called DAA Manager Insights. So far, we’ve talked about digital assets as a new asset class with Solidum Capital; blockchain’s bigger picture with Menno Peter Pietersen; the future of digital assets with Kenny Hearn; and the relationship between traditional finance and the crypto-economy with Victor Lai.

New DAA Features

For users

We recently released a brand-new feature on the platform that makes it easy to compare performance, fees, and token structure across DAAs. Try it here and discover your next favorite DAA.

We have increased DAA buy/sell limits on the platform, an update many of our users requested. Additionally, DAAs are now sorted by weekly performance. The list will be updated every week, with the best-performing DAA on top.

For Managers

The DAA manager user interface has been completely redesigned. Managers now have access to charts displaying assets under management, price, daily return, management fee, inflow, outflow, and net flow, making it easy to check performance at a glance. Live feeds for assets under management, number of tokens, and number of users have also been implemented.

Q3 Financial Report

In Q3, our book value reached $119,787,279 (an increase of 10.3 percent over Q2), and the number of ICONOMI platform users increased by more than 700 percent. Read the full report here.

Android App Released

October saw the surprise release of our official Android app. Right now, the app allows users to explore DAAs and compare their performance. Future updates will include full buy and sell functionality, letting users manage their DAA portfolios from anywhere.

Parity Vulnerability

On Tuesday, November 7, ICONOMI was affected by the Parity multi-sig wallet vulnerability. Read our official statement here. The Parity team is actively working on a solution for unlocking the funds.

Community Updates

After a large influx of users on our public Slack channel and subsequent issues, we are investigating communication platforms better suited for public access and community engagement. In order to protect our supporters and community, new account creation is currently disabled for our Slack channel. With the cancellation of the planned Bitcoin Segwit2x hard fork on Wednesday, November 8, we have updated our knowledge base to include more information about hard forks and our general approach to handling them.

Blockchain Conferences

  • Tim M. Zagar, ICONOMI CEO, and Jani Valjavec, ICONOMI CTO, attended Devcon3, the largest Ethereum development conference in the world, where they gained valuable new insights on research and development and on the legal aspects of the crypto-economy.
  • Jani Valjavec attended Melonport’s M-0 event, the first Swiss blockchain conference for asset management, where he was joined by ICONOMI DAA managers William Mougayar and Arnold Sternberg.
  • Tim M. Zagar and Ervin Ursic Kovac, ICONOMI COO, spoke at Noordung Hub’s EU Blockchain event. Watch Ervin’s talk here.
  • Several of our developers attended The Linux Foundation’s Open Source Summit in Prague, where they reviewed the latest developments in the open source world.
  • On Tuesday, November 28, Matej Tomazin of ICONOMI will attend Consensus: Invest, the world’s first digital asset investor outlook event. Anyone interested in meeting with ICONOMI during the event is welcome to contact us at press@iconomi.net.
  • On December 4, Tim M. Zagar will attend TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin, where he will discuss the effects blockchain is having on the evolution of the financial industry.

November Reddit AMA

Our next Reddit AMA will be held on Friday, November 17. Our monthly AMAs give users the chance to get their questions answered directly by the ICONOMI team. Check out our last AMA here.

As always, the best way to stay up-to-date on the latest ICONOMI news is to follow our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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