Introducing Columbus Capital: ICONOMI’s First Asset Management Partner

ICONOMI is the world’s first digital assets management platform, building a bridge between the old and the new economy. We are revolutionising the multibillion-dollar fund management industry and creating new dimensions in traditional fund management. Today, we are proud to announce our first partner to serve as a dedicated Digital Asset Array manager — Columbus Capital LTD.

Focusing on building a vast, highly dynamic and secure infrastructure

Columbus Capital LTD is an investment management firm, based in London, United Kingdom. It is led by Igor Erker, a veteran investment manager with an exemplary track record. Joining him in leadership as a Senior Advisor is ICONOMI co-founder, Jani Valjavec. Together Igor and Jani have more than 30 years of experience in public securities investment management and business development.

ICONOMI, as a platform for asset managers, is focused on building a highly dynamic and secure infrastructure for asset management companies, family offices and individuals with a vision to actively join the new economy. We are appointing Columbus Capital, an asset management company specialising in global emerging markets and strategic investing in both traditional and alternative funds, to manage ICONOMI’s existing DAAs (ICNX and ICNP).

Applications are currently open for all potential candidates to apply and join Columbus Capital in spearheading DAA management on the ICONOMI platform. Becoming one of the first DAA managers will enable you to closely collaborate with the ICONOMI team, thus helping to shape the future of the platform and the world of Future Asset Management together. For more information on the application process, click here.

Changes to the DAAs

Current DAAs will be rebranded on 18. 8. 2017 for better coherence with the Columbus Capital vision:

  • ICNX will be renamed Columbus Capital Blockchain Index (ticker: BLX) and tokenised, which better represents its purpose as an index tracking the entire digital asset market.
  • ICNP will be renamed Columbus Capital Pinta (ticker: CCP), as a homage to the fastest ship of Christopher Columbus.

About Columbus Capital

Columbus Capital, a London-based investment management company, is the missing link between traditional investment management expertise and technological breakthroughs represented by their new asset class. Columbus Capital will start with the management of three funds; a comprehensive Columbus Capital Blockchain Index (BLX), Columbus Capital Pinta (CCP), a closed-end, high performance fund focusing on novel digital assets, and Columbus Capital Blockchain.ONE, a regulated fund based on Blockchain Index investment strategy and listed on traditional exchanges.

Columbus Capital will be led by the veteran fund manager Igor Erker and ICONOMI co-founder, Jani Valjavec.

About Igor Erker

Igor has been active in traditional fund management since 1998. He holds a Masters degree in investment management from Cass Business School in London and is an executive MBA candidate at Cambridge University. Igor has managed several investment funds, focusing on public equity investments in developing parts of Europe and emerging markets in America and Asia. His funds have regularly ranked among the best performing funds in their categories. Igor is a founding partner of two traditional fund management companies, Numerica Partners Investment Management LTD and the predecessor to Alta Funds Asset Management Inc., MP AM, his focus always being emerging markets and emerging thematic products.

About Jani Valjavec

Jani Valjavec is the co-founder of ICONOMI, the first global digital asset management platform for the decentralised economy. He is a senior digital asset and app token expert and a prominent member of the blockchain community, with an established track record in the blockchain space. He is the co-founder of Cashila, the first licensed bitcoin company in Europe, which started operating in 2013, and has led ICNP since its inception.