How to purchase OVO? (Final phase)

ICOVO Final sale: 17th-30th Nov.

Crowd sale Phase3 schedule
17th Nov 2018, 00:00(UTC) to 30th Nov 2018, 23:59(UTC)

This article explains the participation process for the crowd sales.

STEP 1. User Verification / Whitelist registration

Whitelist, KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering)authentication will be mandatory to participate in the token sale. Whitelist, KYC and AML registration is necessary to participate, and thus those who wish to do so must register using the dashboard on ICOVO Web or ICOVO App.

What to prepare in advance

・Passport or photo ID
・Cryptocurrency wallet ※ICOVO App(

Verification Procedure

  1. Sign Up from ICOVO Web or ICOVO App.
  2. Register your Ethereum address on the whitelist.
  3. Submit your information for KYC/AML.

Please refer to the following articles for details on the registration procedure.

Whitelist Verification(KYC/AML) Registration

ICOVO App (Android) Ver.
ICOVO App (iOS) Ver.
ICOVO Web Ver.

STEP 2: Send ETH to the Token Sale Contract

After your KYC/AML information has been reviewed and approved, your ethereum address will be added to the whitelist. Only who listed on the whitelist can purchase OVO by sending ETH to the token sale contract.

Crowd sale Phase3 (2018–11–17 00:00 to 2018–11–30 23:59 UTC)
Price: 1ETH = 666OVO
Minimum purchase: 0.25 ETH

Contract address for Crowdsale Phase3:

※Make sure to send from the address which you registered for whitelist.

After you send ETH to the address above, you’ll get OVO immediately on your wallet.

If the transaction failed, possible reasons are:

・Sender address is not listed on the whitelist. (It will be added within 1 hour after your KYC/AML information has been approved.)

・Token Sale is not yet started / already finished.

・ETH amount you sent is below minimum. (min=0.25 ETH)

・Gas limit is too low. Your wallet might incompatible to send ETH to a contract. Set gas limit at least 100,000. (ICOVO app automatically adjust it.)

Purchase OVO by BTC

You can also purchase OVO by BTC. See this article.
Price: 1BTC = 21666 OVO

See also:

How to add OVO to ICOVO app.

・This is the only way to purchase ICOVO’s token OVO. ICOVO team never send DMs/PMs requesting money on Telegram etc.
・Residents of countries that prohibit participation in ICO token sales cannot participate through our platform.
Don’t miss out on this special opportunity!

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