How to handle your RLC tokens

Julien Béranger
Apr 24, 2017 · 3 min read

If you’re new to crypto-currencies, you will discover that it’s easy and fun to manage digital assets (« tokens »). New tools like Metamask, Etherscan, or MyEtherWallet now open access to a reasonably comfortable user experience

For the moment, there is no special need for a dedicated RLC token management app, but this could be done very easily in the future. For now, we recommend the use of imToken, MyEtherWallet, Metamask or Parity.

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What can you do with your RLC tokens in the future? You will be able to access off-chain computation resources within iExec network. Your application will have his computation tasks executed by under-used computer nearby. We love discussions on different visions challenging our own approach so you can join our Slack so we can talk about distributed networks a hundred years from now!

Check your RLC balance using Etherscan

To check your RLC balance, you use Etherscan RLC Token Tracker. Type in your Ethereum address and you will see your wallet balance appear.

Etherscan reads Ethereum blockchain and display these data nicely for you.

Take control of your RLC tokens using Metamask

On this configuration, you must use Metamask (Chrome app to install). Then connect to

Make sure you’re connected to the main network.

Click on “contract”, then on “add a token” (bottom of the page)

Copy-paste the RLC token contract address (0x607F4C5BB672230e8672085532f7e901544a7375). The contract informations will load automatically.

Address: 0x607F4C5BB672230e8672085532f7e901544a7375

Name: Network Token

Symbol: RLC

Decimals: 9

To send some tokens to a friend, click on “send” paste the address of your friend in the “to” field (double-check required here). Select “ Network Token” and type the amount of RLC you want to send.

You need to have at least a tiny fraction of Ether to send any other tokens.

You can personalize the commission fees but it’s not mandatory, you can leave it as it is.

Click on “send” at the bottom of the page.

MyEtherWallet (with or without Ledger)

If you don’t have a Ledger wallet and don’t have an address either, you can check this post to learn how to create a secured one. When you click on “Send Ether & Tokens”, you can select a way to access your wallet (e.g. “keystore file”).

You can see your RLC balance right under “Token Balances” tab.

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You can now send some tokens to a friend. To proceed, you need to have at least a tiny fraction of Ether to actually send RLC tokens through the Ethereum network.

If your lucky enough to own a Ledger hardware wallet, you can manage your ERC20 assets with MyEtherWallet integration:

Connect to

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Ledger Nano S + MyEtherWallet integration

Click on “Send Ether & Tokens”, then click on “Ledger Nano S”, then “Connect to Ledger Nano S”. You can see your RLC balance right under “Token Balances” tab.

How to buy RLC tokens?

You can signup to Gatecoin regulated exchange or use Liqui to buy or sell RLC tokens.

Manage your token easily using imToken

imToken is an Android and iOS mobile app that supports RLC token. You can download the app on imToken website. The following video made by imToken team shows how to use the app:

iExec is the first blockchain-based fully distributed cloud computing platform. iExec relies on the Ethereum blockchain to organize a market of computing resources where everyone can monetize servers, applications and data sets.

RLC is the token that will allow their holders to access the computing resources within the network. It’s an ERC20-compliant digital asset on Ethereum, which means that you have full control over your tokens.

Here’s an overview of iExec project, our roadmap and white paper. You can join us on Slack or by email at


Blockchain-based Decentralized Cloud

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