Coming Soon: Moment’s Chicago Office!

Moment has occasionally been called the most Midwestern design firm in New York, and we consider this a huge compliment. Many of our people have roots in the region, and we’re proud to be associated with the low-key brilliance that thrives in the heartland. In fact, we’re taking this connection to a whole new level. We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of our new Midwestern office, opening in Chicago’s West Loop in March 2016.

Josh Lucas-Falk, an Indiana native and one of Moment’s eight managing directors, will lead the Chicago office. Daniel Orbach (Illinois) and Steven Bennett (Wisconsin) will join him, with plans to continue expanding the team throughout 2016.

“This marks the first expansion of Moment beyond our Crosby Street home, and we will continue to grow our New York office as we start our Chicago location. This focus on growth is something we’re very excited about. It will help us meet the market demand we’re seeing, but also create wonderful career opportunities for passionate, smart, and motivated designers,” Lucas-Falk says.

Besides being a good cultural fit, the Chicago location places Moment designers closer to the command centers of key clients and industries. “Chicago is a strong hub for innovation in healthcare, institutional and consumer finance, and media; industries where we have deep expertise to offer,” says co-founder John Payne. “Further, a Chicago location brings us closer to the Midwest’s CPG, automotive, industrial, and agricultural hubs. These are complex industries that are facing an acute need for digital transformation and where we believe Moment’s expertise in user-driven product design and strategy can make a substantial impact on businesses, their employees, and their customers.”

“Chicago is also great opportunity to recruit new talent,” says Shannon O’Brien, who leads recruiting efforts as Moment’s managing director. “Chicago offers a deep cultural landscape, respected design heritage, a great food scene, and a rich academic community that we already recruit from heavily. It’s a great place to live and grow a career.”

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