The Dreamland In A Sphere Called Earth

Chapters 31–40

M.A. Mercier
7 min readJun 28, 2021


Blurb- Rigel and his family are overly delighted about their lottery win. The lottery win takes them to places they’ve never been before and makes them make decisions with enormous implications, not only to their lives but to society as a whole. It is a story of choices, of decisions and results of those decisions.
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‘Has Sam returned to your residence, Mrs Danby?’

‘I am afraid they haven’t returned yet.’

‘Please send Winston to homes soon as they reach back. His phone is unreachable.’

‘What did you expect?’

‘What do you mean? I have his phone for communication, not some flabbergasting jokes.’

‘He won’t be reachable until they come back.’

‘And when will that happen?’

‘I do not know, maybe hours, days, weeks, never.’

‘I understand the immense possibilities of death where they have gone but when are they supposed to return?’

‘I get you. I am coming straight to your house.’

And the line went dead. Sam Barkley’s mother was just digesting this awfully ridiculous talk when there was a ring at the door. She could not imagine the secrets she was going to get acquainted with due to this now-worn-out lady.


It works. David thought. Revant deserves a reward. David was now getting more and more impatient with each passing moment. He presently stood in the lab suit, inside the laboratory, playing with the monsters that had just killed two soldiers, only on his order. Time to announce. David was now removing his lab suit and moving at the same time. ‘ Hey, come ‘ere ’ he yelled as he saw a guard standing in the corridor.

‘Yes sir, what can I do for you?’

‘Please make some arrangements for me…’

Then there were some hushed conversations and a huge smile comfortably settling on David’s face. It’s the day I worked for.


John now slipped a chit of paper in the pocket of a rather young victim and with no desire to die whatsoever. Perfect.

‘Now drink it.’

The victim knew what this meant and still surer he was that he had to drink it.

For the second time in two days, John had viewed the gorgeous corridor which was extensively covered with the images of many ugly looking creatures.


That’s interesting. The master thought as he rolled the sphere in his wrinkled hands, trembling with fear, his face, glowing with a smile.

The next few hours will be crucial. I have to be ready.

The master reached for his armchair and sat on the beautifully carved wooden structure. He was going to be called upon. The exception may well be happening


‘So you mean my son is not in London, nor in Manchester but in a strange land altogether, the Dreamland. Are you kidding me?! He loves football and you say he’s left the last chance to watch a match, to save the damned world, from an invasion?’

‘Yes.’ Mary’s answer was short, definitive and infallible.

This pushed Mrs Barkley on the posterior end of the armchair she presently sat on.

‘Wa…water’ Mrs Barkley whispered.

‘Oh, sure.’


‘Let’s do this Sam.’ Rigel said gravely

‘What?’, Revant intervened.

‘But this does not prove anything Rigel.’ Sam said, ignoring their professor.

‘Professor, I’ll explain everything. First, let us talk. And Sam, it does prove many things. Primarily, he was anxious to know the answer. Secondly, he could lie to anybody, he would do anything to extract the information. And lastly, now he has an army of half monsters behind or rather in front of him. We CANNOT fight him alone. I am doin’ this.’

‘Okay, Rigel let’s do this.’ He said as enthusiastically as he could, and it was not much.


David sat on the golden throne. He was glowing with the ideas of his impending future. His success, his rule. A soldier then came in, running his legs out.

‘Sir, there’s another person.’

‘Okay, bring him in then.’

‘As you wish sir.’ The soldier bowed out and fled to bring back a teenager.

At once, David put his hand in the pocket and took out a chit of paper.

This is Winston. He knows me. Rigel has the book. If you know the way out, answer. Did you do it?

‘Now listen here. Take this boy to the cellar. Carry the plan out. Leave the cellar untouched, I’ll go there. You carry out the plan for the rest of the castle.’

‘Yes sir.’


‘Okay now, Sam let’s start.’

‘No, keep the chit inside.’

‘I thought we’d talked about this Sam. We need to do this.’

‘Not now. Just listen to me. Trust me.’, Sam pleaded.

Rigel put it inside, groaning.

A couple of moments later, Rigel observed David and hastily eyed Sam, who was smiling.

‘How?’ Rigel whispered.

‘Footsteps.’ Sam whispered back.

‘So, how are you?’ David started, ‘and who are you?’ he continued, now eyeing Sam.

‘Now, I have got some inf…’

‘Sir, here’s the boy.’, A soldier had come to stand beside David, who was furious and then cooled almost immediately, perhaps remembering his own orders, or rather just in the wild dreams of his success.

The former duo exchanged horrified looks and then tried to look straight into the eyes of the newest occupant of the cellar, but couldn’t, as he was looking straight at the floor.

‘He’s the librarian.’ Winston said, as David took a moment to guide the further steps for the soldier. And then, of course, to smile, which was subtly setting in as the strangest habit of the librarian.

‘Now Rigel, you must have understood the information I must have been talking about, so please hand over the book to me.’, David said flatly and coldly.

‘Which book?’ Sam intervened.

‘You know what I’m talking about, don’t waste time and follow the instructions. Give the book here.’

‘Okay.’ Sam inserted his hand into the backpack and drew out a filthy and clumsily bound book.

‘Excellent.’ David said, smiling again.

David then moved out, still smiling, wider, with the book in his hand and assured of his victory.

Sam and Rigel were smiling triumphantly too.

‘Will you please explain to me what just happened here?’ The professor yelled out.

‘Yes, professor. Just a minute.’ Rigel glanced at a confident Sam and then at a stuttering Winston, then started.


Perfect. David thought. The arrangements were done, all soldiers, including his messengers and half-humans, were there in the court, domesticated. David was prepared, he had been for nearly five years now and today was the day he would finally succeed.

Finally, when his loyal soldier gave him the signal, he stood up and started, ‘Hello friends. I am David. Today I will tell you my journey, a journey of dream, of sacrifice, of struggle and today, finally, a journey of success. I was twenty-four when my co-researcher, unfortunately, died in an accident in our laboratory. But, even more disappointingly, the government seized my license to research. This was a huge blow for me. I decided to avenge the government, foolish, you’d think. But I earnestly had decided to go for it. My brother, in fact, my twin brother was a librarian. I used to read books day and night. One day, I found the perfect book, the book I was looking for, and as a matter of fact, I have it currently.’ he went up to his throne and came back with the book Sam had given him and held it high enough for everyone to see.


‘Professor, you have to listen carefully, and without questions. We don’t have much time.’


They, except Rigel of course, we’re sitting in a distorted semicircle, facing Rigel, who began his epic.

‘So, almost a week ago, my family won a lucky draw. We were awarded 20000 pounds and a chance to inaugurate Ashley supermarket. We, of course, went and inaugurated it, but then David persuaded us to buy some tablets which he claimed will take us to dreamland, we were sure it wouldn’t work but still decided to try it. And of course, it brought us here.’ Revant gasped as Rigel continued, ‘ And then, he asked me the same question that he asked you. But I wasn’t naïve enough to answer.’ The professor smiled at himself and this caused Rigel to shrug friendlily, ‘ after being questioned for some days, a friend of my father, who had a lot of control here, freed us.’

‘So, after me and my family came back to our house, Sam and Winston were already there. And I was glad about it.’ He winked at Sam and continued, ‘Yeah, so we went to the library, and Sam already knew about a book which was about Dreamland. Don’t gasp, yeah it’s the same book which we gave to David. So we read this book thoroughly and found very important information, that we had to kill David to destroy this Dreamland, which we decided was better than the alternative, that is to bring him back to earth. Yeah, yeah professor, don’t freak out now. Just listen and stop making those weird noises. So we decided to come here, but, I and Winston made a plan because we had discovered something interesting when Sam was at the loo. And I haven’t told him yet, fully.’

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