I Started Pole Dancing at 30

5 months later, here’s how waltzing on a pole has changed my life

Anangsha Alammyan
In Fitness And In Health
9 min readMay 19, 2023


Image by diana.grytsku on Freepik

When I was looking for pictures to add to this article, all the images I got for “Pole Dancer” were of women wearing glossy bikinis and stilettos.

In fact, one of the most common questions I’ve got from people when I shared with them that I’m a pole dancer is this —

“Anangsha, do you wear stilettos while dancing?”

Do I? You tell me!

The pole Superman, a move that took me 3 classes to perfect. (Image by the author)

Pole dancing is more about fitness, core strength, flexibility, and determination than it will ever be about sensuality.

My journey with pole fitness started in August 2022, when I randomly booked one class because the Instagram videos of the instructor looked sexy.

Her name is Pound Kakar, and she’s the founder of the only pole studio in my city, Hyderabad.

Back then, I’d just learned driving, and visiting the pole dance studio was another excuse to drive through the city and get my car out. I never really intended to make this a weekly habit.

I had a million questions in my head, but the gist of them was —

  • I’m 30 and not fit enough. How will I be able to climb the pole?
  • I’ve never done flexibility training. Will my body be suited to the pole?
  • Pole dance is closely associated with bars and strip clubs. What will my friends and family say if they found out I was into it?

It’s been five months of consistent practice for me now. In this post, I’ve detailed my journey with pole fitness, listed the struggles I faced, and chronicled all the wonderful ways this art form has changed my life.

Month 1: Getting the “hang” of it

Like all new forms of fitness, the first month was the hardest.

I remember my first class when all I could manage was a basic climb after what felt like hours of throwing my limbs against a metal pole.