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Can We Make This Story by Dr. Preeti Singh Go Viral? What Do You Think?

The power of the Medium community at work

JoAnn Ryan
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3 min readNov 29, 2022


Fuchsia and White Bougainvillea — TT — Photo by JoAnn Ryan

Dear fellow Medium-ites, I hereby argue that we need to make this post by Dr. Preeti Singh go viral, like yesterday:

A bit of explanation (sorry, this is really not meant to be a link drop):

Recently she’d offered this response to my photo challenge here on In Living Color:

In my own ‘B’ offering “Beautiful Babies, Berries, Bears, Bougainvillea… and Banana Cream Pie! 😋” I had talked about my most viewed post, with 3.4k views and counting:

What’s readily apparent is that we both LOVE bougainvillea… but what else struck me is when she said this:

I started my blog on Word Press but closed it eventually. My son told me to test Medium by transferring a post. I transferred the Bougainville post shown below. I had no followers. No one saw my post. It went unnoticed. Later somewhere in September 2020, I became a Medium member and one person who motivated me to shift to Medium besides my son was Geetika Sethi who clapped on my post. I was so dissopointed.

Bouganville that I love had gone unnoticed. So please at least take a look at this mini post. This was posted on June 13,2020 after which I came back in September and wrote my first post in Illumination thanks to Dr Mehmet Yildiz where I am now an editor.



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