In Living Color Bi-weekly Recap: June 2–15

Melissa Rock
In Living Color
6 min readJun 17, 2024


View from Barn Bluff in Red Wing, Minnesota. Photo by Author.

Oh hello! It’s so good to see you.

Until recently I was barely keeping my head above water. But I’ve emerged, checking some items off my 24 in 2024 list — including hiking Barn Bluff as the photo shows above.

This hike is 30 minutes from my home.

Another list item was lunch with someone I’ve been aiming to catch up with since 2020. We finally had pancakes together yesterday.

It’s funny how life picks us up and swiftly carries us away, taking time with it. Both of these “to-do” items could be checked off in a day, and yet it’s taken me more than six months to make them happen.

Reflecting on this reminds me of how I need to check in with myself more often. Take time for stillness. Assess priorities.

Which brings me to the In Living Color June Monthly Challenge:

Many of you have written about the mystical abilities of the skies — centering us with sunrises, sunsets, and everything that happens in between.