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Letter sent on Jan 8, 2016


As each new year beckons brightly and is welcomed with fireworks, champagne and resolutions, we tend to look back on the previous year and wonder what we could have done better, what we could have achieved or what we shouldn’t have bothered to do at all.

For me personally, as the new year dawned, I began to think about “TIME” and what I was doing with it (it’s something you do more of as you get older). I came to realise that I had spent an inordinate amount of “TIME” on Medium, I had read some amazing pieces, become embroiled in some of the great Medium debates, I’d written a few pieces, commented on and shared others. I’d ‘met’ some amazing people and curated a collection of beautiful stories for In Your Own Words. Words that I felt were meaningful, thought provoking, entertaining and inspiring. Looking back, I have no regrets and am proud of the effort I made on behalf of myself and other writers.

However looking forward I am afraid…

I am afraid of spending too much “TIME” on Medium and neglecting other areas of my life.

I am afraid of the changes being made at Medium which make smaller publications less accessible to readers.

I am afraid of staying the distance in the hopes that things change, in “TIME”.

I am afraid of leaving and missing opportunities that might arise in the future.

but mostly I am afraid of losing “TIME”

“TIME” to finish my novel,

“TIME” to take long walks on the beach,

“TIME” to explore hidden crevices in distant mountains

or even just to find “TIME” to sit in a quiet spot and enjoy a good book.

So to honour my own personal journey and to acknowledge the passage of “TIME”, I would like to say that although I am not leaving Medium and I am not shutting down In Your Own Words, I am taking a “TIME OUT”. I am taking some “TIME” off to do other things, to focus on my own writing and to live in the moment, perhaps collect memories to come back and share on Medium someTIME


Nothingness. Current.

I fear nothingness. I have a home there. Somewhere.

I can go toward the abyss. I can go inside my home there and meditate. I can not go back, it is a one way journey…

Perhaps our latest story by Sherif R to be featured in In Your Own Words touched me on a deeper level - a stark reminder that we can never go back, except in our memories…

Please read the story by our latest writer, Sherif R here on In Your Own Words.

Finally I would like to open up the publication to anyone who may be interested in keeping the Words alive. Anyone out there who has the “TIME” and would like to work on the In Your Own Words publication or take the reigns, feel free to contact me.

Time to say goodbye, perhaps arrivederci or au revoir

Who knows… Only “TIME” will tell.

Thank you for your “TIME”

Tracey Pharoah