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The no questions asked publication helping new writers on Medium and getting rid of Medium Publication Gatekeepers.

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Independence Day
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Are you a new writer on Medium and you want to get published fast in a publication without publication gatekeepers? If so go here and get published FAST!

I’m a new writer on Medium and I have followed all the tips and strategies of getting accepted into a publication and haven’t gotten any response or been accepted into one.

As a new writer you become disillusioned and you might quit because your articles are not being read by anyone because you do not have any followers or you haven’t being accepted into a publication yet.

I was greatly inspired by Grace (@BossyEmpryss) article about “Get 100 Followers in 48 hours! #Challenge” where we help each other reach the goal of 100 followers within 48 hours (I’m currently following Grace’s advice and my follower count is steadily growing).

Why Independence Day Publication

As today is the 4th of July 2022, I created this “Independence Day” Publication to allow anyone regardless of their writing style, writing capability to be accepted into a publication fast with no questions asked. (The only thing I ask in return is to follow Mediums Terms here.

Our Declaration

Today “Independence Day” (the Fourth of July) we are commemorating the Declaration of Independence from Medium Gate Keeper Publications, and we the Founding Fathers of “Independence Day” Publication declares that we are no longer subject to submit our articles for review to be accepted into a publication and we are now united, free, and independent Medium publishers.

We declare today as the national day of Independence for Medium Publishers.

Imagine Getting Permission Before Writing on Medium

Just imagine if you were to ask for permission first from Medium before you write on their platform. Medium is free to express your writing and your thoughts without a middle man.

So why do I need a publication to review my work before I get accepted. It defeats the purpose of free to publish anything you like.

Let’s grow Independence Day Publication to millions of writers/publishers who are starting their writing journey on Medium.

How To Get Published In “Independence Day” Publication

Here’s how it works:

  1. Follow me D.D. Dwase
  2. Follow Independence Day Publication (https://medium.com/independence-day)

3. Reply to this post and leave your username to be added as a writer.

4. Leave claps on this post (As many as possible. You’re allowed up to 50)

5. You’re accepted into Independence Day Publication & I follow you back

6. I go over your posts and leave claps (I will give back equal claps for your posts so leave 50 & get 50)


I love to help other writers and creators reach their goals on Medium and get their post noticed! We can all accomplish our goals and live our BEST LIVES EVER!




D.D. Dwase
Independence Day

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