Building a Healthy Community with Matt Broberg — EP014

Adding Value for Your Company and Community with a little Banter and Levity (and Metrics)

Matt Broberg (left) with Jonas Rosland (right, featured in Ep 008)

Today we are talking with Matthew (Brender) Broberg , VP of Community at Sensu. Previously Matt was at Intel working on Developer Advocacy for cloud automation; he was also the founder of the program now known as the Dell EMC Elect. Matt was also one of the three co-hosts of the Geek Whisperers podcast along with John. It was really fun to hear about the things Matt has pulled from his past endeavors into making Sensu the best it can be. We take a look back and hear how Matt got into advocacy marketing, and how his love for connecting with community and pure curiosity are two things that never stand still. Matt helps develop the balance of business and community at Sensu, and we finish with a fun lightning round to hear who inspires him!

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Key Takeaways:

[1:33] Sensu has been an open source project for 6 years. It is a comprehensive infrastructure and application monitoring solution. Here Matt talks about the framework behind the company and what makes the Sensu culture unique.

[8:38] Discussing the vExpert program and what makes up the core of a healthy and unhealthy community. Matt is a fan of ways people need to communicate; he breaks it down into four types of communication, with some examples of strategies to filter questions directly into the best-suited platform.

[15:21] The idea of having multiple channels and figuring out where your community wants to communicate is important.

[17:28] Matt shares how he encourages engagement and participation, use of GitHub, Twitter, and Slack. Using some levity and personal interaction is so important.

[22:22] The struggle of finding a real ROI based on business andrevenue in a community is hard to measure but Matt’s favorite struggle.

[27:23] Metrics are a Trojan Horse to growing real relationships.

[27:40] We take a look back, and Matt shares his background on how he got into community and advocacy marketing.

[29:43] Matt is a true extrovert! He gets energy from connecting with people!

[30:12] Lightning round!

About our guest, Matt Broberg

Matthew (Brender) Broberg is the VP of Community at Sensu. Matt is a technologist with skills in marketing and a focus on product development. His role in a team is most powerful when cross-organizational and driven by the pressing needs of the company. He has the most fun when he’s empowered to lead a team to a collective goal.

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