Up, up and away!

It’s with heavy hearts that we announce Jamie & I have decided to step away from day-to-day operations at Kahoot! with immediate effect. With new management in place, we feel it’s time to focus on new challenges. We’ll both continue as advisors, shareholders and champions of Kahoot!’s founding mission.

“The impact we’ve all collectively achieved with Kahoot! is mind-blowing. Along with the passion, purpose and talents of a phenomenal team, Kahoot!’ers all over the world have inspired us to push the boundaries of what’s possible in a category many had given up on. Together, we’ve helped the world understand the power of play in education, and the importance of social, game-based learning to help anyone unlock their own, deepest potential. We helped make learning more human. As I step away from day-to-day operations, I’ll continue to advocate for these principles that are now so much a part of Kahoot!. Keep making learning awesome.” — Jamie Brooker
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We set out with a humble ambition — to reimagine learning. To make it more relevant, more accessible. No matter a person’s age or aptitude or circumstance. To make it awesome. It’s been an incredible journey, seeing Kahoot! grow from a few people with an idea into a brand that touches so many people each day around the globe. This only happened because our little group of co-conspirators grew into the much larger one we have today. As I step away from day-to-day operations, I’ll continue to champion those same founding principles that made Kahoot! what it is. Stay curious.” — Johan Brand

We are immensely proud of what we have built with the team. It’s been a long journey since the minds & ideas of Morten Versvik, Alf Inge Wang, Jamie Brooker and Johan Brand sparked off this truly fascinating venture. Yet it’s still only the beginning!

Keep Making Learning Awesome!

Jamie Brooker, Founder & Advisor | Johan Brand, Founder & Board Director

PS: SLUSH just published Johan’s Keynote — Growing Up & Staying True. Unrehearsed, with only slides from our community and with clear message to us all.

PPS: For some fun, listen to how we described Kahoot! pre-launch.