The Latinx-Owned Businesses Innovating on AppExchange


The AppExchange ecosystem is filled with inspiring companies built by people of all different backgrounds and cultures, from highlighting Black-owned businesses to celebrating AAPI Heritage Month. As a team member on Salesforce Labs, which are free apps built by employees, the innovation across our diverse ecosystem continues to thrive.

The Latinx community has an innovative streak within the AppExchange ecosystem that is constantly growing in size and impact. Today, I’m thrilled to share these companies on AppExchange, and the people that help them grow. They’ve done tremendous work while overcoming obstacles, and have made a lasting impact on society.

As part of Representation Matters on July 22nd, read on to take a closer look at the innovative apps and services offered by, owned, founded, or operated by a member of the Latinx community to Salesforce customers around the world.

Ennube Solutions

Alex Garcia, CEO, Ennube Solutions

Ennube is a software consulting company focused on the implementation and support of Salesforce solutions. They are trusted by enterprises and start-ups to help align business processes to drive insights from data.

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Daisy Garcia, Founder and CEO, ImagineCRM

ImagineCRM becomes the customers’ champion, using the tools needed to successfully improve operations and visibility with the Salesforce platform. This consultant’s approach is to provide effective and simple solutions that align to your mission and empower your team.

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Innovate! Inc.

Stacy Roux, Business Development, Innovate!

Innovate! builds tailored and scalable solutions that transform information into useful applications for Salesforce users. The solutions produce measurable business impacts, including improved customer experience (CX), increased employee engagement, and more.

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Ashley Allen, CEO and Founder, ITequality

ITequality specializes in Salesforce Revenue Cloud and brings customers’ Salesforce orgs to the next level. The AppExchange partner offers implementation, enhancement, training, and maintenance of every Salesforce user’s unique org specifications.

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iTalent Digital

Michele Foster, Marketing Consultant, iTalent Digital

The Lingotek for Salesforce Connector automates translation of knowledge base articles, leads, opportunities, cases, and case comments. It connects to Lingotek’s fully integrated cloud-based translation management system for building multilingual content in real-time.

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Cassandra Gholston, CEO, PartnerTap

PartnerTap provides an all-in-one solution that helps channel teams prioritize partners based on segment-by-segment revenue potential and identify specific accounts for your channel and sales teams to target immediately.

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Vince Cartaya, Managing Director, ProdSpace

ProdSpace is a highly skilled team of Salesforce certified specialists that capture current-system pain points and translate them into future-state functional requirements that are delivered on-schedule and on budget. They offer full scale management from concept through all phases including deployment and support.

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Andrea Tarrell, Founder and CEO, Sercante

AppExchange consulting partner Sercante helps businesses optimize and transform their lead-to-revenue processes with Pardot and Salesforce. From implementing marketing automation to tailoring Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to fit your unique processes.

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While Representation Matters offers us all the chance to appreciate the innumerable ways that members of our diverse communities contribute to societies around the world, our appreciation for our Latinx partners lasts year-round at AppExchange.

If you are a Salesforce partner who’s passionate about diversity, make a commitment to inclusion and explore apps, experts, and innovations from diverse-owned businesses today.



Marianna Torres
AppExchange and the Salesforce Ecosystem

I am analyst on the Salesforce Labs team. I joined the Salesforce ecosystem as an intern back in 2020, and am continuing to blaze my trail