2018 INSTAR Q4 Roadmap

Dear INSTAR Community,

Today we are excited to share with you our 2018 INSTAR Q4 Roadmap. Our team has been heads down working and we’re excited for what’s to come!

We will finish Q4 of 2018 strong in preparation for an even bigger 2019. Thank you all for your continued support as we continue our work to bring digital currency and blockchain technology to the masses.

INSTAR 2018 Q4 Rollout Plan:


  • INSTAR Token Migration — Free Account Creation!
  • Token Transferability Begins


  • Launch of INSTAR Wallet 1.0 and Android 2.0
  • Launch of INSTAR Blockchain — Genesis Nodes
  • INSTAR Blockchain Explorer — Powered by Insights Network
  • Requester Dashboard with Insights KYC Marketplace (Polls, Surveys, Insights Alerts, Micro Tasks, Crowd Sale Registration and More)
  • Price Watch and DataPools
  • Ongoing Testing and Optimization
  • Block Producer Network — Decentralization Powered by Insights Network Community


  • Release New Website (now live)
  • Bounty Program (now live)
  • Referral Campaign
  • Instar Cold Storage Wallet Integration
  • Insights Research & Learning Lab
  • Release of 2019 Roadmap

Stay tuned for more details regarding each milestone in our roadmap.


Team Instar