Make today a turning point in your life

by clearing a little space around wherever it is you feel stuck

Just for today, let’s make a little space around wherever it is you feel stuck.

Let’s burn away the stuckness you feel in your job, a relationship, health issue, mental state of overwhelm, emotional state of anxiety or depression, overall lack of meaning or purpose, or something else.

We’re going to practice a very simple body prayer.

Begin by telling yourself, “All is well.”

This is not to support you going into denial. It is to give you a little breathing room. It is to burn off old crusty conditioning that traps you in hardcore beliefs that are negative, destructive, paralyzing … and not even true (as persuasive as they may seem).

Let’s soften you from the inside out. Just roll with me and watch what happens. (The paradoxical result of this softening will be building inner strength — that takes reps, but you have to begin somewhere).

All is well, my friend.

Even if everything around you seems to prove the very opposite, just for this moment, clench your fists, tighten your whole body, screw up your face and 
s q u e e z e ! ! !

Now release and let out a nice long exhale. Then breathe naturally.

This is actually a streamlined, super-efficient synthesis of a yoga practice, breathing meditation and mindfulness practice.

You may have to do this a few times to get a satisfying exhale. The exhale will bring you some relief. The relief will relax you. The relaxed moment will create a space in which “All is well” carries some truth.

Just for now, let all be well. You can string these moments together and notice that the future may look bleak, the past may be full of pain and frustration, but this very moment all is well, if you make the choice to notice this.

Noticing that all is well right now is super empowering.

If you sincerely want your life to be enjoyable, productive, and inspiring to others, start with this moment. Squeeze, breathe, and allow …

All is well, in this moment.

Do this again and again today. Let today be a huge turning point in your life. Commit to practicing “All is well” with a body squeeze, release and breathe, all day today.

You are actively releasing holding patterns in your body that reinforce the stuckness. You can do it. You deserve this. You are worthy.

Most of all, you are needed — if you show up for yourself today, who knows how powerful the domino effect on all of humanity could be?

I call this body prayer. Get out of your head and produce more flow through your body. Squeeze, release and breathe …

All is well, isn’t it?