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best international dating sites

The regional sites become trendy and even more popular than social media. But why? They just work better for those who know exactly where they can find their perfect match. I created a list of the best international dating sites and dating sites in the US, Europe, Asia, and countries of Latin America — take a look and choose the platform that’s likely to work best for you!

Best International Dating Sites In USA In 2024*

There are some great new and old online dating platforms that have enough basic and unique features for comfortable usage and that have become increasingly popular with singles from the United States.

  1. SofiaDate — Rich profiles and extensive communication options.
  2. SakuraDate — Interactive communication with a user-friendly interface.
  3. La Date — Large active user base and dynamic interaction features.
  4. TheLuckyDate — Simplified approach to finding Eastern European matches.
  5. LatiDate — Focused on South American dating with various communication tools.
  6. NaomiDate — Affordable pricing and rich media communication.
  7. BravoDate — Affordable and interactive with a large user base.
  8. EasternHoneys — Social media-like features with a robust user base.
  9. UkrainianCharm — Detailed search system and quality profiles.
  10. JollyRomance — Combines traditional dating with social media elements.

🔥SofiaDate Review

SofiaDate is the ultimate dating site for people seeking long-term partners and future spouses. To facilitate compatible matches, the platform leverages extensive personal profiles and advanced search filters that cover everything from location to relationship status and lifestyle choices. And while video calls aren’t available for now, SofiaDate offers an impressive video gallery and an option to exchange audio and video messages. There’s also a gift delivery service for those who love grand gestures.

👍What I like

  • Welcome bonus
  • Video clip gallery
  • Gift delivery service

👎What could be better

  • Dating apps
  • Video calls
  • Navigation controls

“SofiaDate offers plenty for those seeking serious relationships. I like this website for its outstanding communication features, such as photo, video, and audio messages. Not to mention its video catalog, which speeds up searching for compatible partners. Overall, SofiaDate is worth trying if you want to immerse yourself in meaningful communication.”

🔥SakuraDate Review

SakuraDate specializes in connecting singles for serious relationships and marriage across borders. After crafting detailed profiles, users can experiment with flexible search filters and the adjustable matching tool to locate suitable partners. And live chat offers the options for photo, video, and audio messages to build strong, lasting connections. Moreover, most premium membership benefits are available for new users thanks to free bonus credits everyone gets upon signup.

👍What I like

  • 30 bonus credits
  • Audio/video messages
  • Exhaustive profiles

👎What could be better

  • Video chat
  • Mobile app
  • Notification settings

“SakuraDate stands out on the dating market as a popular platform for international dating with Asian singles. I was impressed with its detailed profiles with many photos. Moreover, the option to access secret albums after the first message encouraged me to initiate conversations more often. So, I recommend you try this website if you wish to find an Asian lady to date.”

🔥La-Date Review

La-Date is a popular international dating platform specializing in Latin American connections, enjoying up to 1 million monthly visits globally, with significant interest from both young adults and older singles. The site features an array of communication tools including basic search, mail and live chat, live streams, and virtual gifts. It operates on a freemium model where registration is free, but interaction typically requires purchasing credits, with packages ranging from $9.99 for 20 credits to $149.99 for 750 credits.

👍What I like

  • Diverse user base
  • Engagement features
  • User verification

👎What could be better

  • Cost of virtual gifts
  • Limited free features

“La-Date offers a vibrant and engaging platform ideal for those interested in dating Latin American singles. The site’s broad user base and robust engagement features such as live streams and verified profiles provide a rich dating experience. While the cost of some features can add up, the overall quality of the platform justifies the investment for those serious about finding international matches. I recommend La-Date for anyone looking to explore relationships with singles from Latin America due to its comprehensive tools and active community, making it a top choice in the realm of international dating sites.”

🔥TheLuckyDate Review

TheLuckyDate is among the best international dating sites for online dating novices. Registration and profile setup are quick and easy, and search and matching features are intuitive enough even for people who’ve never used them. Besides, TheLuckyDate is continuously expanding its communication options. For instance, the latest addition included disappearing photo and video messages that make basic live chat exciting and unpredictable. Moreover, you can try them for free using bonus credits.

👍What I like

  • Free credits at signup
  • Disappearing photos and videos
  • Virtual gift selection

👎What could be better

  • Mobile dating apps
  • Real-time video chat
  • Extra search filters

“I consider TheLuckyDate a pretty reliable dating website that meets the tastes of mobile users. Its appealing design and Tinder-like search feature make it easy to navigate and look for matches, and though there is no video chat, photo and video sharing can replace this option. All in all, I advise you to pay attention to TheLuckyDate as a convenient platform for international communication.”

🔥LatiDate Review

LatiDate, a relatively new player in the online dating market, specifically targets connections with Latin singles and has quickly established a respectable presence with 5,000+ users in the U.S. The site offers a variety of search tools with detailed filters, instant messenger, and a “Like Her” matching tool to enhance user interaction. LatiDate utilizes a credit system for communication, with the most affordable package priced at $12.99, but new members receive a substantial welcome discount of 77% for their first purchase.

👍What I like

  • Advanced search tools
  • User interface
  • Discounts for new members

👎What could be better

  • Limited user base
  • No video communication

“LatiDate shows great promise as a platform for international dating with a focus on Latin American singles. Its modern interface and advanced search capabilities make it a user-friendly option for those seeking targeted matches. The initial discount for new members is a thoughtful touch that encourages exploration and engagement. I recommend LatiDate for individuals interested in meeting Latin singles worldwide due to its dedicated features that cater specifically to this audience, making it a worthwhile addition to the international dating scene.”

🔥NaomiDate Review

NaomiDate has become a popular choice for international dating, particularly attracting users from the US, Japan, China, and other countries, with its user base conceivably popular in multiple regions. The platform offers detailed search filters, an “Online Now” feature for real-time interaction, and communication through chat and mails. Members can also send photos and videos within messages, enhancing the communication experience. Pricing is competitive, with credits starting at $12.99 for 35 credits, which is quite reasonable for new users.

👍What I like

  • Detailed profiles
  • Affordability
  • Interactive communication tools

👎What could be better

  • Niche focus
  • No video chat

“As an expert who tracks the record of reviewing numerous dating sites, I advise you to pay attention to NaomiDate. This website offers a great matchmaking system based on your preferences. I can admit an accurate work of search filters and a substantial user base of active singles worldwide. Therefore, I’m sure you’ll have an outstanding dating experience on NaomiDate.”

🔥BravoDate Review

BravoDate is a vibrant international dating platform that serves a global audience, with a substantial user base in Europe and a growing presence in the US, totaling nearly 360,000 members worldwide. The site offers a variety of communication tools such as live chat, media file exchange, and the swiping feature known as “The People”. Credits are the currency used for accessing premium features, with packages starting at $2.99 for 20 credits, making it accessible for users to test and use the platform.

👍What I like

  • Interactive communication features
  • User-friendly interface
  • Affordable pricing

👎What could be better

  • Limited advanced search filters
  • No video chat options

“BravoDate offers a comprehensive international dating experience with its user-friendly design and engaging communication tools. The site is particularly appealing for those new to online dating due to its simple interface and affordable pricing. While the addition of video chat and more advanced search capabilities could enhance its offerings, the current tools are sufficient for initiating meaningful connections. I recommend BravoDate for individuals looking to explore dating opportunities with singles from around the world, as it provides an effective platform for cultural exchange and building relationships.”

🔥EasternHoneys Review

EasternHoneys is a prominent international dating site that focuses on connecting Western men with women from Asia, particularly China, Thailand, and the Philippines. The site attracts approximately 300,000 monthly users, making it a popular choice for those interested in Asian dating. Key features include live chat, mail service, and public and private photo sharing, which are accessible via a credit system. Prices for credits start at $9.99 for 20 credits, and go up to $149.99 for 750 credits, allowing for flexible user engagement depending on their needs.

👍What I like

  • Rich communication tools
  • Detailed profiles
  • Active user base

👎What could be better

  • No video chat
  • Cost of credits

“EasternHoneys offers a robust platform for international dating with a focus on Asian singles, providing a comprehensive set of tools to foster communication and connection. The detailed profiles and active user base contribute to its effectiveness in helping users find matches that suit their preferences. However, the introduction of video chat would significantly enhance the interaction capabilities of the site. I recommend EasternHoneys for anyone looking to explore relationships with Asian singles due to its targeted user base, comprehensive communication tools, and active engagement, making it a standout choice in the realm of international dating sites.”

🔥UkrainianCharm Review

UkrainianCharm is a dedicated platform for connecting singles globally with a particular focus on Ukrainian and other Eastern European members. It records around 140,000 users with 90,000+ monthly visits, reflecting a strong interest from individuals seeking Eastern European partners. The site features include instant messaging, mails, gift sending, and a detailed search system. Credits are required for most communication activities, with packages starting at $9.99 for 20 credits.

👍What I Like

  • Focused user base
  • Effective communication tools
  • Robust search features

👎What Could Be Better

  • Pricing of credits
  • No video chatting

“UkrainianCharm provides an excellent service for those interested in dating Eastern European singles, offering a variety of tools designed to facilitate meaningful connections across borders. The site’s focus on Ukrainian and Eastern European partners makes it a valuable niche dating platform, offering authenticity in the profiles presented. However, integrating video chat would significantly enhance user experience by allowing face-to-face interactions. I recommend UkrainianCharm for individuals looking for serious relationships with Eastern European singles, as it combines effective matchmaking tools with a user-friendly interface, making international dating more accessible and engaging.”

🔥JollyRomance Review

JollyRomance is a popular international dating site that focuses on connecting singles from Eastern and Central Europe with a global audience. It boasts around 300,000 registered users in the US, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Russia, and other Eastern and Central European countries. Key features include instant messaging, mail service, profile videos, and a newsfeed with followers. The site operates on a credit-based system with packages starting at $0.15 per credit, which is quite competitive in the international dating market.

👍What I Like

  • Profile videos and newsfeed
  • Detailed profiles
  • Affordable pricing

👎What Could Be Better

  • Limited search filters
  • No video chatting

“JollyRomance stands out as an effective platform for international dating, particularly for those interested in connections with singles from Eastern and Central Europe. Its blend of social media-like features with traditional dating services, like newsfeeds and profile videos, provides a unique and engaging experience. The reasonable pricing and detailed profiles encourage active participation and genuine connections. I recommend JollyRomance for individuals seeking meaningful relationships across cultures, as its tools and design effectively bridge the distance between international users, making it a valuable resource in the world of international dating.”

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How to choose the right international dating site?

When it comes to choosing international dating sites, one must be really careful to avoid dating scams. So how to use a legit website? Here are some tips you must know:

  • Make sure to find the right type. All the dating sites fall into one of the following categories — casual relationships and online flirting, mail order bride services, and sugar sites. So, depending on what type of relationship you are interested in, you need to choose the site from the right category.
  • Pay attention to testimonials. Believe it or not, testimonials contain priceless information on whether a particular site is worth using, so make sure to read those.
  • Check out the site’s security measures. Moderation, user verification, professional support, and secure payment methods — these are all extremely important security measures, therefore you have to check whether a site you’d like to use has those.
  • Explore it yourself. Finally, if you think that the site is secure, register and explore it to understand whether the service will work for you.

Choosing a perfect international dating site that will help you find the girl of your dreams is not as challenging as you might think. So use my tips and find the best dating website.

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Niche international dating sites and apps vs. Mainstream dating sites and apps

So, should you choose a niche international dating app, or probably, a mainstream international dating site will still work better? Take a look at all the most important pros and cons before making a decision.

👍Pros of the niche international dating sites

  • Opportunity to narrow the search for singles looking for a perfect match in a particular region, for example, Eastern Europe, Asia, or Latin America
  • Many special features, from profile comparison services to video chat and international calls
  • Verified online users, strict moderation policy

👎Cons of niche international dating apps and sites

  • It’s hard to find a free niche dating site
  • Most niche international dating websites don’t have dating apps on Google Play or App Store
  • Some special features are pretty expensive

👍Pros of mainstream dating sites

  • In most cases, members can use mainstream online dating services for free
  • Tens of millions of international singles
  • Unlimited messaging and access to profiles

👎Cons of mainstream dating websites and apps

  • Not all members are looking for foreign partners
  • Even if you choose a free online resource, you need to upgrade to use special features
  • No special features like video chat or international calls

Tips for safe online dating

Unfortunately, even the best international dating sites can’t be considered 100% safe for users. Every system has its weaknesses, so if you’re going to use a dating app or a website, you should know how to protect yourself from scammers. Fortunately, they are less creative than most people think, and if you know some basic rules and, most importantly, follow them no matter what, you’ll be able to avoid danger easily.

Does international online dating work?

International online dating doesn’t just work but brings thousands of couples together every year. With modern international dating apps and sites getting a match from any country in the world can be a thing of a few hours.

If you are still on the fence about whether international dating services will work for you, let me explain the reason for such popularity among single women and men worldwide.

  • Foreign dating sites and apps make searching easy and cheap. No need to put off work and travel to a distant destination.
  • Online dating is usually somewhat paid, but it’s still cost-effective, especially if you consider dating Asian singles, where a ticket to China or South Korea might cost around $3,000-$4,000.
  • 58% of singles online shifted to international dating sites and apps after the pandemic.

Also, international dating is not only convenient but fun with webcam chat rooms, compatibility matching system services, presents, and all the features for easy communication. So, it’s definitely worth giving a try.

What is international dating like?

  • Half of the US population is single, and the rise of the single trend is observed globally, from China to Latin America.
  • While the marriage age rises, so does the duration of an average marriage, while the number of divorces is slowly decreasing globally.
  • Out of 2.5 billion English speakers in the world, it’s a native language for 400 million. English proficiency is steadily growing, though men embrace the language faster than women.

International dating is a global trend

One in five American married-couple households includes a non-US-born spouse, and the number of K-1 visas issued has tripled in the last thirty years. Around 60% of K-1 visa applicants meet with their American fiancés online, while the rest meet in person.

Online dating apps and sites are the most common source of international romance, with 14% of couples eventually tying the knot after meeting online. Facebook is a close second, making for every fifth international marriage in the US in recent years. Over 80% of all social media acquaintances that lead to marriage go through Facebook. Surprisingly, a growing number of couples meet through online gaming.

Out of those who meet their future foreign spouses in person, most meet either through common acquaintances, unexpected moments, or business. In-person meetings are ubiquitous among nearby countries, including Cuba and Mexico, as well as Ecuador, South Africa, and Costa Rica.

Get rid of stereotypes: Dispelling myths about international dating

Though the best international dating sites, as well as the success stories of members, are real, the myths about international singles and international dating at large exist, too, so I’m going to explain and bust some of them.

You can only meet a scammer or someone money-hungry.


Though scammers on online dating platforms exist, if you choose a good international dating app or site with a good moderation and security system, you’re likely to avoid it. Also, for most Eastern European women, as well as singles from Latin America and Asia, meeting a decent partner is the primary goal.

Online dating, as well as long-distance relationships, just don’t work.


In fact, over 70% of relationships that had that long-distance phase lasted, and most ended up with marriage. They are as successful as short-distance relationships overall.

You always need to pay for translation services on international dating sites.

20% True, 80% False

As I’ve noted before, if you choose the best international dating site with people who are truly motivated to find a foreign partner, most of the people you meet on the site will speak English pretty well.

If certain stereotypes prevent you from trying international dating, just get over them — most of them are easy to disprove by simply starting communication with members of international dating sites.


If you’re tired of the local dating scene and ready to try something new and exciting — international dating sites will satisfy your need for exotic beauty, foreign traditions, and pleasant surprises. As long as you remember to be smart about your dating site and partner choices, I’m sure you’ll have fun no matter what type of relationship you’re looking for.

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