Xpirit Belgium — looking for new talent

Starting a new company is all about making decisions. What projects should we look for? Which type of investments must we do? How should we organize and plan our work? What partnerships are important for the future? What’s our vision for the next couple of years? What’s our pricing model? When to say no to a customer? Which tools will we use internally and how can we limit all the overhead in running a company? What sets us apart because we do not want to be just another IT consultancy company …

Some decisions will be good and other decisions might be less good or even bad. It’s important that we are capable of making adjustments along the road, but some decisions are absolutely key for the future of Xpirit (Belgium) and we cannot afford any mistakes.

Hiring only the right people to jump together!

One of these key decisions is: who should we hire?

In our (consultancy & coaching) business, people play the most important role. It’s not only about the existing technical skills someone should bring to the table, but it’s also about the passion for technology, the willingness to excel and the eagerness to share this with other people. We look for talented team players who are always capable of finding the best solution for our customers.

Quality Without Compromise

We live by this rule and it’s why our customers will trust our team to become their trusted technology advisor. It’s definitely not about staffing their projects, it’s about making the difference in the field.

At Xpirit we believe you are responsible for your own success and we will invest in your personal growth and knowledge. We offer a springboard for playing a prominent role in the tech community and provide you with endless opportunities. Be ready to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. We promise it will be fun and inspiring.

A new beginning!

Xpirit Belgium might be your new journey. We ask for your energy, enthusiasm and devotion, nothing more, nothing less.

Are you the technology expert we are looking for? Do you want to take your career to the next level and work on different challenging projects at the same time? Curious to know more about our hiring process and what we can offer? Time to get in contact!

Read more about Xpirit via https://xpirit.com/