Xpirit Innovation Days

Last week my colleague Gill and I have spent a couple of days in the Netherlands at Xpirit for various reasons after starting Xpirit Belgium. First of all we are very happy to add one extra colleague to the Xpirit BE workforce. Our first +1 after a successful assessment . Yeah!

Mandatory selfie at the entrance of the Xpirit NL offices.

On Friday morning we celebrated the opening of the new NL offices and we also had the pleasure to attend the 2-monthly Xpirit Innovation Day.

Breakfast with bubbles to celebrate the new Xpirit NL offices.

Being part of the Innovation Day is truly remarkable and it reminds me a little bit of the recurring knowledge sharing evenings I attended at one of my previous employers with a group of very smart people. The big difference is that the Xpirit Innovation Days are mandatory during office hours and it clearly shows the commitment of the company to invest in knowledge sharing. I was impressed with the maturity of all consultants and their desire to work on any topic of choice, sharing their experiences with the team in a relaxed and fun way. It was definitely not about bragging “I do know more than you”, but about exploring together what’s possible with current and future technology. Having a network of experts around you is pretty awesome and pushes everyone forward. One topic was about the roadmap towards another Global DevOps Bootcamp (GDBC) and the challenge to make this another big learning experience for the DevOps community worldwide.

Sharing experiences at the end of the Xpirit Innovation Day.

Thanks Xpirit NL for being part of the experience and we will be back with more/new people who will be excited to contribute! There’s always more to learn!