Your invitation to Intuitive community is here.

Would you like to read it?

Intuitive Public
May 10, 2019 · 3 min read


You are appreciated, needed, and deserve the support of caring community.

Your work connects people to their compassion, strengthens communities to problem-solve, and helps all build effective solutions together.

This invitation connects you to our efforts, described in more detail below and extended to all those who build faithfully for community well-being.


Our Intuitive Public Radio amplifies support for survivors of hardship to be fully included in desired community efforts. Our collaborative media environments are supportive and adaptable, using an approach that centers severe experiencers.

We also coordinate crisis aid, situational solutions, and community support for severely disabled and marginalized people who (like us) could not find help anywhere else.

If you’d like to browse links, to help you explore:

Currently, Intuitive Public Radio is seeking international community to assist in crisis aid for environmental refugees with severe medical conditions, especially those who are forced to cross borders because of pollution, corruption, and misinformation.

Our efforts are time sensitive and affect the lives of travelers on the road now whose safety is our immediate priority.

Every person has at-hand expertise that supports not only the safety of these refugees — but your community safety, too. (If you’re not sure what your most relevant expertise is, we’re happy to help you identify it. )

When you extend the relevant expertise that comes most easily to you, we can all access better, surprisingly more effective solutions.

We seek people who recognize the benefit in coordinating these solutions together to create more safety for all of us.

We are all experiencing hardship.

We know that you are affected too, often invisibly.

I cannot even start to imagine what you are experiencing now and must face each day.

I reach out to you in the midst of my own and others’ ongoing life-threatening circumstances and neurological injury — knowing how invisible these and other challenges can be.

Community support and care for one another in troubled times eases terrible stresses.

Connection to one another brings us relief we have longed for, solves problems we thought were hopeless, saves money, saves lives.

This Intuitive Public Radio amplifies our strong belief in the power and nourishment of Intuitive community.

We believe there is a way through so that all can be more safe.

Will you believe this with us, too?

With hope and faith,

All of us
at 🌿

We have one more request.

Please, will you connect us with anyone you may know with related experiences, communities, or insights they may be willing to share?

It will make a difference.

Thank you for your help.

With gratitude,

Max Morris


PS. I wrote , separately. Would you like to read it also?


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