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Call for Submissions: Climate Change and You

Is Springtime Early for You?

We want to hear from you: is Spring springing up earlier in your area? If so, how do you plan to “deal with it”?

Are flowers popping up sooner? Will your growing and planting plans change? Are you concerned that Summer will also arrive earlier?

We want to hear your stories (see our guidelines here).

Let me give you an example: I have daffodils blooming in my yard. In February. DAFFODILS!

This is WAY too early.

I have no idea whether I can depend on the traditional “average last frost” date gardeners usually use to decide when to start planting.

So, as an alternative, I’m going to wait until I see the first full leaf on a Oemleria cerasiformis, a local wild shrub known commonly as Indian Plum or Osoberry. I figure that’ll be just as good a sign as some numbers in an almanac.