Tuesday, 10 October 2017

One revolutionary claim.

Francis Pedraza
Oct 10, 2017 · 2 min read

Every great company makes one revolutionary claim.

Amazon. The world’s most efficient middleman.
Hughes. The fastest plane in the world.
Ford. Two cars in every garage.
Edison. Safe, cheap light for all.
Apple. Bicycles for the mind.
Bell. A conversation with someone half-way around the world.
Carnegie. Build taller with steel.
Disney. Cartoons that move and talk.
Pixar. A computer-animated full-length feature film.
SpaceX. Cheap, re-usable space rockets.

Invisible Technologies makes one revolutionary claim:

A single bot that can do everything.

This is the simple claim that everybody says is impossible without general artificial intelligence. But with synthetic intelligence — humans doing the work, and technology coordinating the humans — the future is already here.

This claim begs the question: how is this possible?

The formula for our business is simple:

  1. The biggest problem in the world is solutions.
    Solve for demand.
  2. A bot can be omnipresent.
    Solve for transaction.
  3. We can automate your work.
    Solve for delegation.
  4. Processes organize work.
    Solve for architecture.
  5. Labor costs are approaching zero.
    Solve for supply.
  6. Digital assembly lines execute processes.
    Solve for execution.
  7. Technology is best when invisible.
    Solve for coordination.

If you follow these seven reasons, they defend our claim that a single bot that can do everything. An extremely simple front-end interface with extremely complex and powerful back-end operations and technologies.

Miraculously, this offering takes advantage of all existing technologies, without competing with any of them — it places us in a dimension of our own, leaving us with an infinite horizon for technological progress.

Although it has required us to solve many hard design problems, it is relatively low-tech to start — and involves no machine learning, artificial intelligence, or automation. The innovation is in the business and interaction model, the information and process architecture, and the technologies we’ve built to eliminate switching costs, manage process workflows, and give operators tools to speed up their work.

Invisible: Fundraising

Invest in synthetic intelligence.

Francis Pedraza

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Invisible: Fundraising

Invest in synthetic intelligence.

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