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IRISnet Has Enabled IBC Transfers & Completed the 1st Cross-Mainnet Token Transfer with Cosmos Hub

On April 1, IRISnet mainnet has enabled Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) transfers. Currently, IRIS Hub has already completed the 1st cross-mainnet token transfer with Cosmos Hub through IBC.

The governance proposal to enable IBC transfers on IRIS Hub was submitted on March 27. After 5 days of community voting, the result has come out on 2021–04–01 13:05:20 UTC, which is “Passed”. The participation of this voting is 59.17%, among which 99.99% are “Yes”.

As the proposal planned, cross-chain transferring and receiving assets using IBC on IRIS Hub has been available. Now IRIS Hub can support the interchain token transfers with Cosmos Hub and other networks connected over IBC. There is no doubt the interchain era has begun and the cross-chain ecosystem is growing at a rapid pace.

At present, IRIS Hub has completed an IBC transaction with Cosmos Hub. It is worth emphasizing that this is the first token transfer between mainnets via IBC.

The 1st IBC Transfer between IRIS Hub and Cosmos Hub

IBC Transfer Tx:

The enabled IBC and the successful cross-chain transaction between mainnets mark a far-reaching milestone that the application of cross-chain technology has already entered into a brand new era. And this momentous achievement will bring more liquidity and possibility to IRIS Hub as well as Coinswap module.

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