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IRISnet Monthly Update

2022.10 — Technology & Ecosystem & Community Recap

⭐Technical Updates⭐


• Released irishub v1.4.0
• Refactored the nft module
• Upgraded to cosmos-sdk v0.46.4
• Upgraded to ibc v5.0.0


  1. Released v0.7.1, v0.7.2, v0.7.3
    • Supported LikeCoin, OKExChain
    • Optimized SEO & UI
  2. Released v0.9
    • Upgraded logo
  3. Released v0.9.1, v0.9.2
    • Supported displaying the total value of ibc transfers based on different filtering conditions
    • Updated media links at the homepage
  4. Developing v0.10
    • Add the Relayer Details page
    • Refactor the Relayer list
    • Optimize the relayer registry page, and update the history data

⭐ Ecosystem Updates ⭐

IRISnet 1.4 Mainnet Upgrade is Imminent, Testnet is Live!

On November 11, we’ve released the pre-announcement on the upcoming IRISnet 1.4 mainnet upgrade. The testnet is already live!

IOBScan IBC-centric Interchain Explorer Supported 55 Chains!

IOBScan has taken on the upgraded logo!

Interchain NFTs are Coming to Cosmos

Supported by the Interchain Foundation, the IRISnet Core Dev team has completed the development and implementation of ICS-721.

Leap Wallet Announced Integration With IRISnet

On October 22, Leap Wallet officially supported IRISnet, offering features like project overview, IBC transfers, governance, staking and ledger connection…

Wetez API Service Has Supported IRISnet

On October 28, Wetez announced API services for IRISnet builders! ➡

High Stakes’ Snapshot Service Has Supported IRISnet

High Stakes now provides a free, downloadable snapshot service for IRISnet builders!

⭐ Community Updates ⭐

The 19th Execution | Eco-development Funds Community Management Plan

In April 2021, the IRIS Foundation launched a new Ecosystem Development Program, which included the Eco-Development Funds Community Management Plan. The Foundation will undelegate about 300 million IRIS gradually, and then transfer these assets into the Community Pool in batches.

The Uptick NFT Collection Launchpad Event | Phase I concluded & Phase II is Live!

The NFT Launchpad Event was launched by Uptick Network on September 1, 2022. Funded through the IRISnet Community Pool, the event provides ~500,000 $IRIS in prizes with an exciting promotional package for each winner!


  • On October 10, IRISnet sponsored and was featured on an offline blockchain event in Davao City, Philippines, where our community ambassador shared with guests about project updates and $IRIS utility…

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IRISnet is an interchain service Infrastructure and protocol supporting distributed business aplications.

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Built with Cosmos-SDK, IRIS Hub enables cross-chain interoperability while providing modules to support distributed business systems.