Startups for News online pitch battles underway

Only eight of 16 startups will make it to the final battles which will take place at the GEN Summit in Lisbon

The Startups for News is in its next stage of the competition: the online pitch battles. Sixteen start-ups were chosen by the jury to compete in the online pitch battles following hundreds of applications from all around the world. The online battles started earlier this month and about four teams have battled it out for a spot in the finals which will take place at the Global Editor’s Network Summit in Lisbon in May.

The battles started earlier this month and will go on until the end of April. Here’s how the online pitch battles work: the video presentations and profile interviews of two startups working on a similar theme will be posted on the Startups for News website and Medium platforms. The public and the jury will vote for their favourite startup. A 50/50 combination of the jury and the public vote will determine the winner of the battle.

The first round battle, ‘Crack the paywall code’ was won by Poool, a French start-up which aims to innovate management platforms that allows publishers to define the most efficient monetisation and engagement strategies for each reader.

The second battle which focuses on applications that aim to ‘Make it visual’ was won by an American startup called Grafiti which aims to become Instagram for Data, making it easy for anyone to explore, create, and share stories from data in minutes from anywhere.

The third battle: ‘Investigating public data’ is currently underway. El.vis allows journalists to visualise and investigate public spending, while Vigilant is a public data access platform for live search and monitoring of public data sets. Check out the video presentations of the two teams and vote for your favourite.

Place your vote by signing in with your Twitter account. But beware, it’s a one and done deal: one person, one vote.

The 8 winning startups will have the opportunity to pitch at the GEN Summit, in front of 750 plus editors-in-chief and media professionals from over 70 countries.

About Startups for News
Startups for News is an international competition that rewards the best startups bringing novel solutions to newsroom challenges. Each year, the Global Editors Network, in partnership with, selects early-stage startups providing innovative products or services to media companies and accelerates their development through exposure, connections, and mentorship.