Epstein Survivor, Kelly Brennan, Answers AMA Questions — Part 2

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Jeffrey Epstein & Kelly Brennan
10 min readMay 11, 2022



First, I want to thank everyone that submitted a question in response to my AMA (Ask Me Anything) Post. Thank you. As I sift through the additional submissions, I will respond to each in upcoming articles, videos or social media posts. To submit a follow-up question, please go to www.camerasweets.com/contact. Otherwise, use the comment area below to share your thoughts and opinions as well as ask questions. To stay up to date on my latest responses and other articles, please follow me on Medium and subscribe to receive email notifications each time I publish.


Reading my responses from start to finish will provide an overview of the abuse I faced and my experiences with Epstein. The first ten questions were answered in Part 1 of this series. Click here to view Part 1. Because I have received many submissions, including several that overlapped or were duplicates, I’ve combined some questions and organized my responses in chronological order to make the overall timeline easier to follow. Although I did my best to answer each question as thoroughly as possible, I also tried to keep my response concise. Because of this, some details were omitted.

The responses to the following questions can be found below:

  • Question 11: Why didn’t you report Epstein after he sexually assaulted you the first time?
  • Question 12: Epstein made you feel uncomfortable during your last encounter, yet, you followed through with the job audition. Why?
  • Question 13: When was the next time that you encountered Epstein?
  • Question 14: Did Epstein immediately force you to have sex, or did it escalate over time?
  • Question 15: Did you fight back or try to run away when he raped you?
  • Question 16: What was the creepiest thing about Epstein?
  • Question 17: Did you meet anyone else of importance the night you were raped?
  • Question 18: Why did you continue to return to Epstein, time and again, after he raped you?
  • Question 19: Why didn’t you tell authorities about what



Jeffrey Epstein & Kelly Brennan

KELLY BRENNAN. Jeffrey Epstein Sexual Assault Survivor. Mental Health Advocate. Educator. Wife. Sister. Daughter. Friend. Author.