Hear about new jobs by email, with watchlists (Week 11)

Matt Webb
Matt Webb
Jun 19, 2018 · 3 min read
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Here’s a new feature, launched just now, that everyone can use today: watchlists.

Ok, so here’s the problem. I’m curating this job board by endorsing a bunch of awesome companies. You can visit the site and see all the open roles. I want to spread the word (seriously, these are awesome companies), so the job board even automatically posts to Twitter.

But. Let’s take YOU. You’re amazing. But you’re not looking for a new job right now. (Mainly because you’re amazing, remember, so you’ve got yourself a great gig already.) So you click the tweet, give the Job Garden a quick once over, then forget all about it and these awesome companies and that’s that.

What if there was a way you could hear about all the new jobs being posted at Job Garden, without having to remember to visit the site?

Then, in a few months when your mission is accomplished and you’re looking for a great new challenge, an awesome job could land in your lap? Wouldn’t email work better for that?

That’s what watchlists are for.

Once you create a watchlist, you’ll get all new jobs posted to my job board straight to your inbox, once a week in a handy email.

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Watchlist setup wizard thing

Tap the button on my job board to get started. There’s a little onboarding wizard thing. Are they still called wizards or was that an 80s thing?

You’ll have to verify your email address. Etc.

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Watchlist settings

There’s a settings page.

You can preview the email. Here it is.

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You’ll get the email once per week. I haven’t decided what day it will come on yet.

You’ll notice that watchlists are built so that you can watch more than one job board. That’s because, one day, Job Garden won’t be hosting only mine. Other people will curate job boards too.

But not yet. Today you get watchlists. That’s enough for one week. Jeez, be satisfied already.

Create your own watchlist now.

Bug reports, glitches, things that don’t make sense, general chit chat: email me at info@job.garden

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