More informative tweets (Week 6)

Matt Webb
Matt Webb
May 15, 2018 · 2 min read
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Image for post

A couple of weeks ago, Job Garden to advertise the great jobs that I know about.

Now those tweets are more useful! In the pic you can see that the tweet includes a preview of the top of the job board. So my 8,000-or-so followers can now find out about a or before they even click through.

If I can help these awesome startups to fill these roles with awesome people I know… then my job is done.

On a technical note:

What’s neat is the origins of the code to generate the image attached to the tweet. It’s reasonably complex stuff (at least for me). But a couple years ago I made an art-y Twitter bot that creates personalised animated GIFs.

The code this time round has some differences but it’s more or less the same. That’s why side projects are good, and especially side projects which are meant to sit unattended, chugging away making images every few hours for months on end.

It means I have bits of relatively battle-tested, relatively stable code hanging around, that I can draw on for sites like Job Garden.

Job Garden Blog

Good jobs for good people. Beta.

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